18 Most Painful Places to Get a Tattoo on Your Body

Tattoos are one of the most often used types of body art worldwide. “What are the most painful areas to get a tattoo?” you might question if you’re getting your first tattoo or thinking about getting others on different body regions. This essay debunks that region of your anxiety, so you’re psychologically prepared for your next tattoo appointment.

A tattoo on almost any place of the body will cause some discomfort. Though no tattoo is fully pain-free, guys are more capable of dealing with discomfort than their female counterparts.

Furthermore, even among our biological genders, some of us will be more in agony than others. The level of pain we experience is also determined by our pain threshold and the location of the tattoo. Varied places of your body will experience different amounts of pain, which will be terrible and possibly unbearable for many.

Each tattooed individual will have a different opinion on the degree of pain they experienced, depending on their tolerance level. However, anecdotal information from prominent industry websites suggests that certain body parts are more sensitive to tattooing than others.

18 Most Painful Places To Get A Tattoo

More than likely, you’ve come to our page because you’re worried about tattoo discomfort. You may be confident that your search for the most painful tattoo locations has come to an end.

Even while some amount of pain is unavoidable with any tattoo and its precise placement, knowing where it will hurt the most can help you pick a suitable area and significantly lessen possible suffering.

1. Ribs

Because the skin around the ribcage is so thin and there is very little fat there, many people believe the ribs to be the most painful spot to receive a tattoo.

Furthermore, the rib cage moves at the same rate as the velocity of your breath, generating excruciating discomfort during the tattoo session.

2. Neck

Those with poor pain tolerance should avoid having tattoos in the neck region. The bottom and sides of the neck are lined with big nerves. These nerves are particularly sensitive to the discomfort induced by needling. In the neck, you’ll also find the cervical nerve. As a result, if the pain travels down your back and shoulder via these nerves, it may get worse.

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3. Armpit

The armpit is an unusual location for a tattoo and one that few artists would suggest. Because armpit skin is so fragile and sensitive, many people believe this to be the most painful body area for a tattoo. The axillary nerve and glands are located in the armpits, so having tattooed there can be quite painful.

4. Nipples

Breasts and nipples are two of the most vulnerable areas. Getting tattooed in certain places can be quite painful. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from ignoring these popular spots.

5. Inner Thigh

This one will catch you off guard. If you don’t have a strong pain threshold, the inner thigh is one of the worst places to have tattooed. It’s surprising, considering this is a meaty area with plenty of muscle and fat. The flesh, on the other hand, is delicate and sensitive. Furthermore, excessive rubbing against your garments and the opposite thigh creates a prolonged healing period in this location.

6. Your Knee’s Back

Another area where the skin is loose and flexible is in the back of your knee. You may endure excruciating discomfort when being tattooed there. The tattoo needle stimulates a lot of nerve endings in the body.

7. Ears

The tattoo needle does not have much of a buffer in the ears. During a tattoo session, several nerve endings on the ears are prone to extreme stinging, producing excruciating agony. Because there isn’t enough fat on the ears to cushion the needle, you won’t be able to withstand the agony.

8. Lip

On the nerves front, the lips are fairly thick. As a result, you can understand how unpleasant having a tattoo maybe for the majority of individuals. You should get a little, uncomplicated tattoo there at most. The lip tattoo wound is not normal. Swelling and bleeding are common during or after getting tattooed.

9. Inner Bicep

The skin of the inside biceps is smooth and supple. The pain experienced during tattooing is typically not extreme, yet it is nonetheless significant. Because of the muscle inside your bicep, the discomfort level is lessened. The less discomfort you have in your inner bicep, the better. The tattoo healing period is prolonged in this location. Overall, this is a popular tattoo location for both men and women.

10. Head And Face

Another incredibly painful spot to get a tattoo is on the head. There is a lot of pain here since there isn’t much muscle and skin to cushion the needle’s unpleasant impact. The pain’s severity is mostly determined by the design’s size, kind, and position on the head or face.

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Furthermore, the fact that the tattoo machine vibrates your skull adds to the psychological difficulty of the process. Because you hear the procedure so near your ears, it aggravates the discomfort and may even produce a headache.

11. Stomach

If you’re familiar with your stomach, you’ll notice that the skin is rather elastic. Because of the suppleness of your belly skin, a tattoo there might be quite uncomfortable.

The severity of the discomfort is also determined by your degree of fitness. You’ll have a flatter tummy if your body fat percentage is low, meaning less discomfort while getting tattooed.

12. Hip

Women’s need to appear well, especially in the summer, has fueled the popularity of hip tattoos. There’s nothing more enticing to a woman than having a tattoo along her hip bone.

Because the skin and bone are so close together, tattooing the hip area is uncomfortable. Because there is less fat around the hip to cushion the hip bones, those with slim bodies will experience more pain.

13. Hands

Tattoos on the hands are very popular. The tattoo process, whether on the inside or outside of your hands, will be excruciatingly painful. Once again, it’s the many nerve endings and incredibly thin skin that cause excruciating agony when struck by a tattoo machine’s needle.

14. Fingers

When a fine pointed tattoo needle pricks the nerves in your fingers, they will experience excruciating spasms, much as the nerves in your feet and hands. As a result, the tattooing experience will be one of measurable discomfort. Despite this, finger tattoos are still very popular.

15. Genitals

The genitals are densely packed with nerve endings. It’s no surprise that getting tattooed in your intimate areas, like your penis or scrotum, would be excruciating.

It’s best to avoid getting a tattoo on your genitals as a first tattoo, or at all. Aside from the discomfort, another reason to avoid it is that the healing process necessitates keeping the area dry and free of bacteria for the first few weeks.

16. Foot

The tops of the foot, in particular, are one of the most painful areas to have a tattoo. Because of the vast amount of nerves present, this area is extremely sensitive, resulting in excruciating agony when tattooed. Let us not forget how delicate the skin is. The tattoo needles will generate a lot of vibration on the bones, which isn’t a pleasant sensation by any means.

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17. The Elbow

On top of the pure bone, the elbow has very little skin. Because the elbow has sensitive nerve endings, the pain level may be comparable to a rib tattoo.

Depending on how much effort the needle is put through, these nerves may cause discomfort down your arm. There is no fat in the elbow region to soften the needling operation. So the vibration traumatizes the bone, causing excruciating pain. If your pain threshold is poor, make the tattoo design small and basic if you must add aesthetic appeal to your elbow.

18. Knee

Any tattoo that runs around the circle of the knee will be excruciatingly uncomfortable. Because there is thin skin above a conspicuous bone, the front of the knee experience is comparable to that of an elbow tattoo session. Knee tattoos are also linked to extended healing times, in addition to excruciating pain levels.


There is no such thing as a painless tattoo. If you don’t plan on refraining from getting your preferred area inked, there will always be some discomfort, sometimes severe.

As you can see from the list above, several regions should be avoided to suffer less discomfort. The lesson to be learned from all of this is to avoid getting tattooed near a bone, thin skin, or thick nerve endings.

In certain cases, and here’s the good news, the discomfort may be reduced by using one of the best tattoo numbing creams.

However, there are a few places on your body where getting tattooed won’t be as painful. The least painful places to get a tattoo are also the best suited for your larger, more prominent designs.

These areas include the forearm, upper outer thigh, outer bicep, outer shoulder, calves, and the entire back.