Top 8 Best Tattoo Starter Kits for Beginners

It is impossible to master any trade without keeping everything required in a ready state, and the most important is getting the right tools.

Once you have decided to become a tattoo artist, it becomes indispensable that you buy a good-quality tattoo kit to kickstart your career as a tattooist.

But where to get the best tattoo kits for beginners? Just keep on reading and you’ll know exactly where to look for.

Top 8 Best Tattoo Starter Kits for Beginners

Save the trouble of going through hundreds of reviews, as I have listed the top 8 tattoo starter kits that give you a fair idea of the ones that might suit your needs.

Grinder Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo

As a beginner, it always helps to know all the needed information before starting your tattooing venture.

If that’s your idea, the Grinder Tattoo Kit by Face Tattoo must be your go-to choice as it comes with a detailed instruction manual that tells you the A-Z details needed to explore this art form.

Having all the basic details needed for modern tattoo art, the coil machine contains additional information that amounts to 240 pages worth of vital data.

Besides this, the manufacturer has provided the privilege of accessing the apprentice portal website to all his customers. You can even communicate with fellow members and get to learn better by sharing each other’s experiences.

Several aspects make this product one of the best ones available. Though affordable, the machine boasts of high-quality materials used that coordinate perfectly, thereby producing top-class performance.

Durability is guaranteed given their well-built nature and the quality of construction.

As a beginner, you are new to the business, and it is most unlikely that you might be ready to shell out luxurious amounts of money in procuring a piece of equipment.

No worries, as the model offers maximum value for money and comes at a reasonable cost, given the great extra features that enhance your tattooing skills.

Be assured of covering all basic requirements needed to hang the tattoo art by purchasing the Grinder Tattoo Kit.

The kit includes 4 coils (10 wrap coil) tattoo machines that help you do lining and shading work, 27 disposable nozzles, 8 stainless steel nozzles 7 different inks, disposable tips, foot pedal, ink caps, practice skin, transfer paper, ink cups, disposable gloves, power supply, training DVD, and a case to carry everything.

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Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit

Are you trying to understand whether or not you would fit in the tattoo art industry that already has umpteen professionals trying to prove their mettle, or has some of them who have established their supremacy in the field?

If so, the Solong Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit would suit you right as it costs extremely cheap and thrives as the perfect tool to try out the art before deciding upon your profession.

As the name suggests, the kit has it all. The manufacturer has taken utmost care to fit the kit with all required to train for the art. Inside the kit, you can find a coil machine, foot pedal, power supply, power cable cord, 14 different ink colors, O-rings, transfer paper, grommets, disposable tattoo tips, rubber bands, ink caps and cups, tattoo needles, tattoo machine adjustable tools, tattoo gloves, and practice skins that help you practice over and over.

Get hold of the kit, and you need nothing else to get started with the tattoo art technique.

The machine by itself guarantees commendable performance as this coil machine is provided with adequate power for producing clean lines and the softness for shading and color packing.

Hence, with the ability to do both lining and shading work, this is a versatile piece of equipment with higher functionality that helps produce intricate designs using one device.

The affordable pricing and versatile working nature make the Solong Complete Tattoo Kit highly popular among beginner tattooists.

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HAWINK Tattoo Complete Tattoo Kit

Here is a tattoo kit that comes with a free replacement guarantee service by offering a warranty along with every purchase.

You get two 10 wrap coil machines that help you achieve precise lining and shading work. The kit also comes with a power supply and a foot pedal, besides having a variety of accessories such as ink caps, tips, needles, and many others.

The various colored ink bottles provided are an amazing opportunity to practice your tattoo art techniques, but a word of caution here is that it is best to use it on practice skins and not for actual skins.

Hawink is a reputed company known for manufacturing world-class tattoo equipment that promises durability and long-lasting working principles.

The machine comprises high-quality aluminum alloy, is lightweight, and doesn’t cause strain on the hands and wrists even when used for longer hours.

Customer service is the product’s highlight as the company offers excellent service and a reliable replacement warranty for any damaged parts during the warranty period.

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So, don’t second guess the product, especially if you are a beginner, as the machine is a perfect fit for your tattooing needs.

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Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Kit

As novice artists, we love our tools to be simple but efficient and worth the money spent. The Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Pen machine is such a tool with minimal fuss but maximum efficiency.

Please note that this is a tattoo pen and not a complete kit. Hence, don’t expect to get an assortment of accessories when you purchase them. Though not completely fitted with accessories, the machine is affordable, and this is a good place to start your job.

Besides being inexpensive, several add-ons make the machine worth the purchase and value addition to your toolbox. Also, the product performs as well as expensive products available in the market.

Versatility is a key attribute here as the machine can shade, line, and color by making simple changes in settings. So, rather than keeping separate tools for doing each of these works, the Dragonhawk rotary pen thrives as an all-in-option for your tattooing needs.

The company doesn’t stop with the pen but includes a needle cartridge, a rotary tattoo pen, a foot pedal, a carry case, and a connection line with the purchase.

Attach the needle cartridge and plug it in to create wonderful designs and tattoo art making it an easy-to-use device.

A pen-style tattoo machine is a good option for beginners, and using this piece of equipment makes them more energized to work.

The Dragonhawk brand is a well-known tattoo machine brand, and the Atom pen is widely recommended by one and all for its competitive pricing and excellent performance. The Mast pen is another release from this company, fitted with a Coreless motor that works smoothly on the skin.

The Mast pen is extremely lightweight and easy to use. The Mast pen enhances precision when lining, black and grey shading, and solid color packing.

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Bronc Pen Machine- Best Starter Tattoo Gun Kits

Once again, we have got a fantastic beginner tattoo machine kit that’s simple to control and easy to use for long hours.

The Bronc pen machine thrives as one of the best beginner kits in the market, making its mark as a piece of quality equipment having several recommendations by various users.

How good is it to hold an actual pen in your hand and create permanent tattoo art designs? This model gives you the natural feel of a pen standing by its lightweight nature and well-balanced construction.

Make precise markings and diagrams using the Bronc pen that has several positive testimonies by users.

None of us like to wait long to get the work done, and this machine doesn’t disappoint us here—put on or take off the needle cartridges easily and set up the tool in an instant to start work.

Coming to the construction and frame, the machine guarantees little or zero vibration. Motor power is essential for the smooth performance of any machine, and the Swiss motor fitted here makes it as smooth as possible for users to handle the tattoo pen.

Hence, no more tired hands and wrists when you use the Bronc tattoo pen. Another highlight is that there is no requirement to get hold of different tools for lining and shading work, even though this is a rotary machine.

The Bronc pen boasts solid lines, smooth shading, and excellent results in a market where rotary machines are softer than coil tattoo machines.

Above all, it is cheaper to buy this machine and a great value for money as it provides all essential features available in inexpensive tattoo machines.

The kit includes tattoo needle cartridges, a machine tray, O-rings, ink cups, disposable gloves, super lube, and an RCA cord. The pen can work at a voltage between 5 and 12V, and the stroke length is adjustable between 3.5 and 4.5.

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Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit-Best Rotary Tattoo Machine for Beginners

If you have just decided to become a tattoo artist, the Hildbrandt Tattoo Kit is an appropriate choice as it is a versatile starter kit designed especially for beginners. A training kit, the company has provided all needed to get you started on the art form.

At the same time, the kit is priced higher than other kits available in the market. Still, the manufacturer has completely justified the pricing with high-quality products and accessories needed to train as a tattooist.

For instance, the kit comes with a complete instruction booklet that details the tattooing tips and tricks. Besides this, we get ink caps, paper towels, tattoo ink colors, video tutorials, transfer paper, needle cartridges, wrap coils (10 pieces), practice skin, carry case, foot pedal, clip cords, and three aluminum grips.

For more details, the company has also given privileged access to their instruction website, which is surely helpful if you are a novice in the field. So, if you decide to buy the product be ready to be loaded with lots of information that help you master the art down the line.

Having two of each tattoo machine (both rotary and coil), once again, you get a fair idea about how either machine type functions and which might be the best fit for your working principles.

Such provisioning exempts you from spending separately to procure every kind of tool but gives access to lining and shading work, making it convenient to use.

The Hildbrandt Tattoo kit is a solid pick if you love reference materials, would like to explore various tools, and are interested in practicing tattoo art as soon as you open the box.

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Eyepower Coil Machines Tattoo Complete Kit

A single-gun kit, many individuals don’t bother about looking into this model, but it is better to have a look if you decide to have several guns in your toolbox.

The coil machine kit has one tool machine but works as a piece of multi-purpose equipment that serves all your tattooing needs. Being affordable, don’t expect the kit to contain several accessories but gives you all the basic ones required to start the work.

An all-in-one tool, the machine is a strong competition to many tattoo guns as it assures smooth performance and minimum vibration. The price is optimal, and the kit gives good value for money with its durability and optimal functioning. The extra features are a bonus that comes along with the purchase.

Inside the kit, you can find colored ink bottles, rubber rings, rubber bands, grommets, steel grip, plastic grip, practice skin, paper towels, ink cups, cleaning brushes, digital power supply, and foot pedal beside the tattoo machine.

The tattoo ink might be good to use on the human skin and serves only for practice-related needs. If you must try out on human skin, spend a little extra money on buying better-quality ink.

The machine’s initial setup can be quite demanding, and it is better to understand this before proceeding with the purchase.

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STIGMA Complete Tattoo Kit Pro

All of us, including professionals, love to work using a good-quality machine with a simple working principle. Such a desire is even greater when you are a beginner tattooist, and the STIGMA tattoo kit offers you just this.

The machine is designed as an all-in-one tool, negating having multiple tools to fulfill your art needs. All that’s needed is to get the hang of setting the digital power supply rightly to reap the desired results.

Novice trainers come into business without much monetary backup, and the company knows this well. Hence, they have come up with an attractive tattoo kit that offers a variety of accessories at a much reasonable price.

Moreover, the performance of the tool and the quality of products used are great, making your purchase definitely worth the price paid. No more worries about hurting hands or noisy performance as the machine takes care of all necessary features to the dot and functions smoothly without glitches.

The kit comes with disposable skin, ink cups, foot pedal, needles, tattoo ink, transfer paper, clip cord, and above all, a lightweight rotary machine.

They are coming with a 1-year warranty. The manufacturer has done total justice to customers.

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What Equipment Do You Need to Start Tattooing?

We have a fair idea of the assortment of tools and accessories available in tattoo kits, but if you must pick one kit to start working, you must get to know the key tools necessary to groom tattooing skills. Make a checklist of the different tools that elevate your working methods and simply the tattooing process.

As a tattoo artist, it is recommended that you get hold of a good-quality kit, a reliable power supply, cable cord, grips, carry case, ink bottles, and practice skins to start tattooing.

Good-Quality Kit

The best kits are those that come with an excellent machine. The tattooing tool occupies primary importance, and if you feel that its performance is not up to the mark, it’s better to skip the kit altogether.

Never compromise on an average-performing device just because the kit comes with a big assortment of accessories.

Optimal Power Supply

Any kit that comes with a reliable power supply must be considered for purchase as it helps you skip wasting time looking out for a good power supply to match with the tool. Some power supplies seem fanciful but never give in to such products without looking through their reviews.

Take time and do some research while selecting, as not all power supplies are created equally.

Cable Cord

Any electronic tattoo machine must have a cable cord for functioning. But, we mustn’t assume that the power cable cord is a natural addition to the kit, and if your purchase includes the cord, it is even better.


While doing any art, the hand must stay steady to create fantastic designs. Else, shaky hands and improper drawings never bring the desired result. Having tattoo grips helps us handle the machine easily as they are made of solid metal.

So, when buying a kit, ensure that it comes with one or two tattoo grips that enhance the grip on the tool. Some coil machine kits come with disposable grips, and such provisions are also good as the cleaning becomes simplified.

Tattoo Kit

If you buy a standalone machine, the job is simpler as your focus is only on the tattoo tool. But, when you are buying a starter kit, many of the coil and rotary machines come with many extra things and neglect the quality of the tattoo machine that comes with it.

Getting a whole bunch of grommets and O-rings might lure the customer, but that’s not the only concern, and don’t be sure that you might get all these even if the kit is expensive. So, what exactly are the things that must be present in the kit?

While the answer varies depending on the type of machine that you buy, most sets generally come with tips, tip cleaning brush sets, O-rings, grommets, elastic bands, and disposable gloves.

Practice Materials

It is always better to practice and master the art before putting it into action. Even if you have started doing tattoo art, it always helps when you keep practicing.

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Some kits come with practice skins and transfer papers, making it comfortable for beginner tattoo artists to try their creative designs immediately.

Make use of the tattoo inks and use the machine to draw on the practice skin provided. By doing this, you are protecting your skin from irritation or any mistakes that are possible as a novice artist.

A word of caution here, the practice skins mostly are not of top quality and are not much bigger. Still, they provide a simple surface to practice and become used to tattoo designs on the skin.

Colored Ink Bottles

Many kits usually come with different colored ink bottles that help get started with the work right away. Optimal quality is not an assurance here, but this is optimal for practicing regularly and becoming proficient with tattooing.

While professionals might not be impressed with these colored ink bottles as they cannot be used on human skin, these are a boon for beginner tattooists as the inks do wonders on the practice skin.

With regular practice, you gain the confidence to work on human skins, and during this time, it is better to buy good-quality ink bottles from well-known brands.

Carry Case

Performance isn’t everything, and the convenience offered by the kit is also equally important.

The carry case provided is one such accessory that doesn’t support your performance-related requirements but can be a good value-addition if your work includes much travel.

Take the machine or leave it at home, but they carry case stores all the equipment needed safely in one place without missing anything.

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Starter Kits for Beginners?

We know that there are two major types of machines, rotary and coil machines, but now it becomes vital that you choose either of them wisely to get started with your work.

Making a choice is extremely difficult as there are various options available, but the tips below can help narrow the options available:

Machine Type

No kit is good without a good-quality machine. The primary feature that makes or breaks a kit is the tattoo machine’s quality, as this is the tool that helps deliver excellent tattooing at designs.

Before looking into any additional accessories, it becomes integral to have a detailed look into the tattoo gun that comes with the set.

But before doing any of this, it is even more vital that you decide upon the type of tattoo machine or equipment you wish to purchase.

A rotary machine is easy to handle for those wanting a simple device that does the job well. Even if the primary choice is for tattoo pens, it makes the transition from a pen to a rotary machine rather smooth.

Coil machines are better suited for those who wish to learn the trade inside out and understand the nuances attached to tattooing. It becomes more convenient when the kit includes both types of machines as this prevents any confusion of making a choice beforehand.

You might as well use the kit and then decide which machine type suits your requirements.


Different kits are priced differently based on the accessories included and the quality of the product. So, before selecting, it is better to have a defined budget in mind as this narrows down the available models making it easier to select a kit.

Price is never directly associated with the quality of the tool, but the price can be a good benchmark for understanding the quality of the product.

As a beginner, the budget fixed might be lower. It is always ok to accept an average quality ink or minimum accessory inclusions but never compromise on the tool’s quality.

It is always possible to buy inks from outside that is safe on human skin, and this way, you might have to spend a little more, but precision and quality work are possible only if the tattoo tool delivers good performance.


Reading reviews about various models and user comments can give a fair idea about the tattoo kit’s performance.

But, you must use your discretion in understanding what is genuine and what could be paid reviews, and then come to a conclusion regarding the kit’s quality and performance.

What Are the Best Fruits to Practising Tattooing on as a Beginner?

Don’t be amazed or shocked when you hear that tattooing could be practiced on various fruits.

Feel free to practice on the skins of fruits such as melon, grapefruit, oranges, and honeydews as they mimic the human skin.

By doing this, you learn the nuances of tattoo art and become better equipped to do the same on human skin in due course.

Final Words

Tattooing is a tool to explore your creativity and bring a smile to the face of the customer. But, it involves learning the technique, and becoming proficient at it takes time.

The first step is to buy a good-quality machine, explore its features, and understand the functionalities to improve the design skills.

As a beginner, if you are looking for a starter kit, always focus on the tattoo tool mainly and then look at the various accessories provided with the kit.

Only then can you be assured of top-class tattoo art for your clients.