Top 10 Best Tattoo Machine for Beginners Review and Buying Guide

The world has witnessed a tremendous shift in tattooing and the myths surrounding it. People are becoming more and more aware of body art’s popularity, making tattoo artists highly popular and sought-after.

So, if you have decided to take up tattoo art as a career, don’t hesitate but plunge into it.

If you are a beginner and have decided to become a tattoo artist professional, the next big job is to pick the right beginner tattoo machine.

But choosing a tattoo machine for beginners is tricky; you need to look at various models learning whether they are beginner-friendly and focus on some of the key features such as pricing, ease of use, weight, and balance, brand value, and versatility before choosing any model that suits your skillset and requirements.

How to Choose the Best Beginner Tattoo Machines?

Is the Price Affordable?

As a newcomer, you might be in shortage of cash, and hence, spending too much on a tattoo machine might be quite impractical. Hence, making the right choice when choosing a machine that fits your budget is necessary to keep your business rolling in action.

Is It Easy to Use?

Another vital factor determining your talent and ability is the ease of use of the machine. More importantly, you are a beginner tattoo artist.

While searching for a tattoo machine, the primary requirement includes looking at how comfortable you feel while holding the machine in your hand, the needle depth, and the skin’s response to the tattoo image drawn by the machine.

Focus on these features, holding all other intricacies involved as a secondary priority as getting the hang of using the machine is of greatest importance as a beginner tattooist.

Weight and Balance

Being a novice, the need to hold the piece of equipment for long hours might pave the way for cramps in your hand, affecting your tattoo business. Hence, the machine’s weight and the balance it offers are important features that must be attended to.

If you feel comfortable holding the machine in your hands, you can pay attention to the design and color process.

Any piece of machine is great to use if you feel that it simply exists as your hand’s extension. So, above all, the ergonomics of the machine is of the greatest importance above anything else.

Find a Reputable Tattoo Machine Brand

Though brand value is not all that compels someone to choose a product, choosing a reliable brand that promises quality and durability is vital.

Any piece of equipment with numerous features is simply a waste of time if it cannot be relied upon, such as improper battery charge or needle functionality.

Any tattoo artist would love to work on their design without any stoppages, and especially when you are a beginner artist, your primary desire is for a machine that doesn’t mess with your performance.


We all love to try our hands at different things, and a tattoo artist is no different, notably when the art is a creative process that could be extended to any degree of imagination.

Hence, the machine’s versatility is crucial as a beginner tattoo artist as you are just getting used to the equipment.

The wider the machine’s functionality, the better it serves your purpose, helping you handle various tasks efficiently.

As a professional, you might understand the nuances of various machines using them for various designs. Still, as a beginner, your focus must be to get the hang of the process generally.

Top 10 Best Tattoo Machines for Beginners

Now that we have looked into the key features that help beginner tattooists choose the right tattoo machine, let’s look at some of the best tattoo machines that help novice artists perform a splendid job.

FK Irons

Being a newbie to the tattoo artist world, it is understandable that you are looking for a machine that helps you perform your job without any complications or adjustments. The simpler the piece of equipment, the better it is for your growing tattooing needs.

By this, it is possible to focus on your design than prioritizing the tool and its know-how. The FK Iron is an all-in-one machine that helps achieve all your needs rather than focusing on one particular task such as shading, lining, or coloring. How does the company ensure an impeccable performance as a multi-purpose machine? By none other than providing a changeable stroke cap that allows for different setups.

Again, how can we call the models produced by this manufacturer one of the best ones available in the industry? It’s mainly because the products are the epitome of simplicity, the cartridges can be easily screwed without glitches, and you needn’t use adapters to use them.

Choose any needle and mount it easily onto the machine to start working on the design. Let’s look into the design and construction of FK Irons’s tattoo machines. The machines are ergonomically designed with a non-slip grip; hence, handling the machine is simple and easy.

Don’t worry about finger or hand cramps as the models are lightweight, allowing you to work long hours continuously. Running a commercial business, the durability of the tools that we use becomes very important. Made with aircraft-quality aluminum, the machines guarantee longevity and durability.

The warranty offered by this company is also outstanding, with some models offering a lifetime warranty on some of the parts. So, if you are looking for a versatile, simple, and durable tool that’s stylish and professional, you can always choose a tattoo machine from this manufacturer.

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Dragonhawk Mast Pen

You are a genius in sketching, coloring, and drawing different things on a sheet of paper, and this gives you an idea to create a business out of your drawing skills.

Hence, you choose to be a tattoo artist but note that drawing on paper and drawing intricate designs using a tattoo machine is different.

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The Dragonhawk Mast Pen helps make a smooth transition from paper to tattoo pen as the tattoo machine comes as a full-fledged kit. As a beginner, use the kit as this prevents the need to hunt down accessories everywhere.

You can find sterilized needle cartridges in the kit, a power supply to operate the machine using the right voltage, and a travel case to accommodate everything needed to do tattoo art.

The manufacturer has taken utmost care to produce the needles using medical-grade stainless steel.

One of the most palpable things about the Dragonhawk Mast Pen is the highly clear instructions that teach you everything: coloring, lining, and shading.

Use the machine with different colored inks (but you have to buy this separately) and various needle cartridges.

Simple to use and lightweight to hold, the tattoo pen makes use of an advanced gear system to help you with the best output that’s devoid of any sounds or vibrations which could otherwise ruin your drawing skills.

The ink flow from this tattoo pen is just like how ink flows from the pen on a piece of paper, and hence, it is straightforward to use for beginner tattooists. Powerful and lightweight, don’t slip the opportunity of buying this model.

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Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit

You don’t get one, two, or three but four tattoo machines where you can use one for lining, one for shading, one for coloring, and also use one with a power liner.

Don’t worry about performance and consistency, as this model is a joint collaborative effort by Dragonhawk and the well-reputed tattooist Gabe Shum.

The machine is suitable for beginners as they are easy to use, and every piece of equipment is hand-adjusted in the factory to bring about utmost precision.

Coming as a kit, there are multiple other accessories besides the 4 machines—the kit includes a power supply that readily offers powerful and rapid voltage adjustments, 50 sterilized needle cartridges, several practice skins to improve your drawing skills, use and throw machine grips, vegan-friendly tattoo inks made in the USA, various adjustment tools, and above all, a carry case to place all these products safely.

With an assortment of all needed products, you needn’t buy anything from outside but make use of all that’s given with the kit to sharpen your tattooing skills. All the parts and construction are made with the highest precision and of good quality.

Versatility is a great advantage from this manufacturer as there are 4 different machines for different purposes. So, the Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit is a complete package that offers the A-Z of your tattoo needs.

This manufacturer’s customer support is highly appreciated as the team doesn’t delay offering replacements rapidly and sometimes even offers a brand new tattoo kit.

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Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine

You might be a beginner who is keen on establishing your tattoo company. Still, if you are ok with going with a premium-quality machine that’s high on budget, the Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine must be your go-to choice.

Many of us are familiar with the constant pain and hand fatigue experienced by tattoo artists, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Hold the machine in your hands, and you will be surprised to realize how lightweight it is.

As an artist, there might be several ideas that you would love to implement in the hands of your customers.

As the Bishop Rotary Tattoo Machine comes with a high-quality build and durability, there is no doubt that you can perform a range of tattooing styles and tasks for customers.

The machine is constructed using high-grade aluminum, hand-polished, and also anodized to assure longevity.

The performance of the motor affects the machine’s overall performance, and the manufacturer has incorporated a Swiss motor mostly while some machines come with a German Faulhauber motor.

Being lightweight to hold, feel free to use the machine for hours together without any signs of pain or risks of injury to the wrist.

Be it color packing, lining, or shading, don’t hesitate to use the model as it comes with an adjustable voltage. But, concerning the ‘give,’ it is fixed here, making it better for beginner trainers as you can adjust your speed and hand pressure to help you grow into a better tattoo artist.

There are no lateral movements, and the tool is hand-assembled, which assures the best quality and performance possible.

Use the tool once, and you will never change it for any other, but the only downside is that you don’t even get an RCA cable with the machine.

For the pricing, we expect a complete kit. Still, the manufacturer has mainly focused on giving the best tool for beginner trainers to establish their skills in the tattoo industry and become popular once they use this machine.

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Dragonhawk Extreme

Every brand releases a tattoo machine after years of research and collaboration with popular tattoo artists, the result of which is a good-quality machine that’s sure to attract all.

What is the result when two such well-known brands collaborate? The results would indeed be mind-blowing.

The Dragonhawk Extreme results from a collaboration between the Extreme Tattoo Supply and the Dragonhawk Tattoo Supply that assures the machine’s durability.

The machine is made from a solid block of brass and is CNC-machined, making it long-lasting but quite heavy.

Remember, you can easily handle this model if you are quite bulky, but otherwise, please take note of its weight and try handling the product before purchasing it.

Besides the main tool and the RCA cable, the manufacturer has not provided any other accessories, and it is up to you to buy compatible standard needles and cartridge needles.

Don’t worry about the machine’s performance as the tool operates silently without any noise, thereby making it a perfect accomplice for shading, lining, and coloring works.

Fitted with a Japanese motor, durability, power, and performance are never a concern. Ergonomically designed and comfortable to hold, the machine operates very smoothly without any noise.

The voltage settings are entirely dependent on you, where you can set them low or high as per requirements.

As the model is heavy and lacks all the accessories, this might be quite disappointing, but the machine’s simple handling method, durability, and multitasking nature make it suitable for beginner tattooists.

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Dragonfly Tattoo Machine – Best Starter Rotary Tattoo Machine

The Dragonfly starter rotary tattoo machine is your one-stop solution if you suffer from budget crunches. Priced very affordably, many of you might even think that this is a one-time use machine!

I wouldn’t call it durable, but practicing on this model gives you the feel of an actual tattooing experience and helps you understand whether or not you want to become a tattoo artist for real.

Don’t expect any accessories along with the brand, given its cheaper pricing. A word of caution here as you cannot use this machine for hours together like other tattoo machines. Use it for full 60 minutes, give a 10-minute rest to the machine, and then go about using it for yet another hour.

The primary purpose of designing this machine was to help beginner tattooists check out whether they belong to the tattoo industry, are talented enough to pursue tattoo art as a career, and use it to do small designs.

In a Chinese brand, the machine’s cost is no more than what you would spend on a weekend movie. So, purchase this machine if you want to take up tattoo art as a hobby, practice occasionally, and try your skills on others around you.

Stability is not an issue here, the operation is quite noiseless, and the machine doesn’t vibrate. Hence, the designs and images are beautiful when you hold the tattoo machine steadily.

Though the model is highly suitable for lining, you can use it for shading purposes as well. Compatibility is never an issue as the model fits well with standard needles, power supply, tubes, and grips.

Being not too heavy, don’t worry about cramps or injuries to the hand, but you cannot use this machine for long hours, and, hence, weight should not be a problem anyways.

For the cheap pricing, don’t expect the product to meet A1 quality standards but choose the model if you want a practice machine that decides whether you match the skills needed for a tattoo artist.

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Hummingbird Rotary V1

Each of us would have a list of features in mind, and if you have such preferences, the Hummingbird Rotary V1 tattoo machine would surely fulfill each of these and include some of the features that aren’t on the checklist.

As a beginner, you might not know the adjustments needed or have in-depth knowledge of the tattoo machine’s functioning. Don’t worry about any of these with the Hummingbird Rotary V1 machine, as there is not the slightest requirement to do a complicated assembly to perform some work.

Every machine comes with a dial that can be easily adjusted for doing any task. Turn it counterclockwise for shading and softer strokes, and the strokes here are comparatively much softer than the coil machines.

If you want a harder stroke for doing lining or coloring, turn the dial clockwise. Hence, the machine is lightweight and doesn’t obstruct the quality of work even when you work for long hours together.

Hence, handling the tattoo machine is easy and simple. Moreover, the availability of knobs and interchangeable extenders help you make rapid adjustments.

The stroke length is adjustable, ranging between 2.6mm and 5.5mm, and to adjust it, you must simply change the extenders.

Above all, the Hummingbird Rotary V1 tattoo machine is a versatile piece of equipment that takes care of your lining, coloring, and shading needs without procuring multiple machines that cost more and are not affordable, especially when you are a beginner tattooist.

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Stigma Complete Rotary Tattoo Kit

If versatility is your key requirement, the Stigma Complete Rotary Tattoo Kit is the best in the town! You might be a beginner artist, but this doesn’t mean that you must compromise on perfectness and impeccable output.

The Stigma tattoo machine stands true for effortless working, comfortable handling, and above all, comes with an ergonomic design.

The sophisticated technology implemented in all their models is a big relief against glitches and durability problems.

The solid frame and construction of the tattoo machine and the 10W motor that guarantees immense power for lining and shading-related work are strong factors that increase the product’s durability.

The company offers the product as a kit, and hence, it comes with an assortment of things. Though not as elaborate as many other kits, all the essential tools necessary to perform a good piece of tattoo art are available in the kit—you get variable voltage power sources and cables, needles, gloves, tips, practice skins, and inks.

Amazingly, we get an assortment of inks, but the downside is that these can be used only on the practice skins but not on the real skin of people. So, it would cost you an additional amount to purchase inks that are suitable for human skin.

The tattoo machines generate minimum noise, assure us of low vibration, and are extremely robust in their functioning, providing high-efficiency levels. You can be assured of long-lasting performance when you use the product correctly and care for it well.

Affordable and easy to use, this kit is well-suited for beginner tattooists who love to get a glimpse of the tattoo world before investing in any sophisticated model.

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Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit

Several brands make products for everyone, but some brands target satisfying a certain section of their needs. The Wormhole complete tattoo kit has been manufactured to satisfy the needs of beginner trainers and comes equipped with all that’s needed for a novice tattoo artist.

There are two coil tattoo machines in the kit, one each for shading and lining, and there are a variable power supply and cables, several tools to adjust the machine, and a foot pedal.

The frame and construction are ideal as the iron frames support the product’s durability and ensure optimal performance even when used day in and day out.

Buy the Wormhole Complete Tattoo kit and start away on your tattoo art business right away as the A-Z essentials are present.

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There are 11 different ink colors helping unleash your imagination skills and color combinations, aluminum grips, disposable tips, 30 needles available in various sizes and groupings, forty ink cups, Allen wrenches, transfer paper, grommets, and rubber bands.

What more do we need when we are on the threshold of choosing a profession that would help us grow into better artists without burning our pockets?

The Wormhole complete tattoo kit adheres to its name. It offers a complete range of accessories that help beginner artists try their hands at tattooing and decide whether they have the skill to pursue tattoo art as a profession.

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Rehab Ink Complete Tattoo Kit

There are two machines provided by Rehab, and both of these come with dual ten-wrap coils that help you perform lining and shading works finely.

Besides the machines, the manufacturer has provided a variable power supply, a foot pedal, various colored inks, individually packed needles, their relevant tubes, and ink caps that help you get the full feel of completing a tattoo art simply when you purchase the kit and use it.

Hygiene is essential in tattoo art, and many individuals fear getting themselves a tattoo fearing. Hence, the company has accommodated hygiene-related needs by providing cleaning supplies and gloves that help artists adhere to good hygiene practices and attract customers.

Before starting the business, you would indeed have looked into various instruction booklets, gone through manuals to get the hang of the art, and searched everywhere regarding the right methods that help you master the tattooing technique.

To help you further, the Rehab Ink Complete Tattoo Kit comes with several learning materials that elaborate on the tattooing process and explain from A-Z about the nuances of tattooing.

Transfer papers also provided that help you stick to your budget but start practicing the art to gain popularity and become a professional in due course.

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Should I Buy a Tattoo Kit or a Single Tattoo Machine?

It is no surprise that we saw an assortment of products above that ranged from complete kits to just the machine coming with your purchase.

As a beginner, if you wonder whether you should go for the whole kit or buy a single machine, it is better to get a tattoo kit. You can practice improving your tattoo artwork and try doing various artworks on a budget, as the kit comes with all essential accessories for practice.

First and foremost, we require a good piece of machinery to start our tattoo art. There is no doubt that it should be a good liner as making lines is crucial for drawing images.

Every tattoo machine includes the liner and sometimes the shader, mostly, and besides this, various other accessories complement your artwork requirements.

Which Tattoo Machine Type Should You Choose as a Beginner? Rotary or Coil?

Your creativity might help you develop excellent designs, but the right equipment can make or break your performance as an artist. Without the right tools, all your efforts go in vain.

Choosing the right piece of equipment for your skill level is another determining factor in your final output. With the best tattoo machine in your hands, you can create magic with your clients, becoming popular in due course.

There are various types of tattoo machines, of which the rotary and coil machines are predominantly used by people worldwide. So, here comes the confusion of which type to choose when you want to start a career as a tattoo artist.

Let’s look into both functionalities to better understand which type of machine would serve your purpose.

In a rotary machine, the needle moves forward in a linear direction as the motor rotates circularly, generating energy like a straight line. Having a straightforward design that assures versatility, you can choose a rotary machine if you want to achieve excellence in line, shading, and coloring.

The machines are lightweight to use, generate minimal vibration, and are extremely easy to use. The ergonomic design and the lightweight nature of a rotary machine make it highly comfortable to use and are easy on your hands.

Also, there is no need to make different adjustments, and above all, they need minimal maintenance to keep them in working condition. There is one common problem with all rotary machines, which involves the machine’s durability.

The machines don’t have a long lifespan, and there are even instances where some models cannot be used for long hours together without resting them. Otherwise, there are chances of overheating and other problems.

We love a noiseless work environment, but for some artists, the quiet operation of the rotary machine seems to be a big drawback as they love to make adjustments based on the noise generated.

You might face some difficulties inlining, and finishing working on your tattoo artist isn’t as quick as you want it to be when choosing a rotary tattoo machine.

As the name suggests, a coil tattoo machine has coils that generate an electromagnetic (EM) circuit.

Machines might have two coils or three coils, but generally, most of them use 2 coils, and there might be some instances where a machine functions using one coil only.

Using this EM circuit, the needle in the machine goes up and down, working through the design.

It is up to you to set the right EM circuit to apply ink optimally onto your skin and provide smooth functionality to the needles.

It is commonly observed that professionals love to work using a coil machine, and they are glad that these come with loud noise as they are getting a better hold on the speed and power.

You can use a coil machine for hours together without any break as the piece of equipment is easy to control, even more, user-friendly given the extra weight that adds pressure.

Also, the rotary and coil machine results vary greatly, with the latter producing better out