Top 13 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines Review

Standing true by its name, a wireless tattoo machine is a piece of equipment that works well without a power cord.

You can either use a battery pack that helps you change the voltage from the pack or through a footswitch connected to the battery pack using Bluetooth connectivity, thereby adjusting the voltage required.

Once you have decided to go for a wireless tattoo machine, there are a few key features such as weight of the machine, battery range, needle and machine compatibility, power supply, comfort, and complete kit options to consider before choosing a model.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Tattoo Machine?

Battery Range

You might take less or more time depending on the image chosen by the customer, and for this, the battery’s running time plays a crucial role in helping you work efficiently.

Besides this, the battery’s durability and the time taken to charge are other key aspects to consider.


When doing a tattoo, you might have to hold the machine for long hours, and hence, choosing a model that comes with an optimal weight is utterly essential to avoid hand cramps.

A wireless machine is already devoid of the weight of heavy cords, giving you more flexibility of use.

But, once you add a battery to source power, it leads to an increase in the machine’s weight. So, look at the weight of the machine along with the battery before you decide.

Needle Compatibility

In general, most models require you to procure needles from outside as every machine’s required needle measures differ.

The same holds good for cordless tattoo machines, where it is better that you buy the needles essential for use with the machine.

Machine Compatibility

Like your needles, there are machines in the market that are compatible only with a wireless feature. Test your machine, and find its compatibility if you want to use it as a wireless model.

Power Supply

Wireless machines use a battery as their power source that is easy to use and more adaptable.

It is generally possible to change the battery’s voltage, but on the downside, there are risks of cross-contamination and an increase in overall weight.

But, Ink Machines are the only ones that can change voltage by changing battery packs. While the wireless machine neatly detects which battery is used, the controller provides real-time data while the machine is in use.


A wireless machine costs more, and to justify this pricing, and it must be more comfortable to use and help you achieve better work outputs.

So, check whether the wireless machine you use offers better comfort than a wired machine, check out its style, ensure that it doesn’t affect your dexterity and speed, and has an ergonomic design.

Wireless Kit

Instead of just providing you with a machine, most companies provide wireless machines as a complete kit that comes with foot pedals, power supply, charging lines, adapters, tattoo guns, batteries, and the required needles.

Every kit has different pricing depending on what’s inside it. The more the components and quality, the higher is the pricing.

Make a choice depending on your requirements but never compromise on the quality as this could deter your overall output.

Top 13 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines Review

Based on the key features that make any model a good option for purchase, I’ve listed some of the top-performing wireless tattoo machines that comply with these features.

Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine with Mast Wireless Tattoo Battery

Small, compact, and performance-oriented, the Mast Tour Rotary Pen Machine with Mast Wireless Tattoo battery is a perfect model if your job involves ample traveling.

Motor power is essential for the machine’s optimal functioning, and the Japanese motor fitted in this model assures a coreless motor that guarantees 3,000 hours of battery life.

If your work involves prolonged hours of work, don’t hesitate to buy this machine as you have about 6 hours of battery life, and the battery takes about 3 hours to recharge completely. The manufacturer has provided a USB cable for charging the battery.

Another highlight about this machine’s battery is that it neither gets hot nor doesn’t it succumb to vibrations, thereby helping you achieve utmost precision and comfort while working.

The Mast wireless machine has an Innovation special mechanism that complements the superb functionality alongside the optimal softness for tattooing.

Use this machine to achieve precision in work for grey and black shading and color packing—the perfect tattoo machine for tattoo artists who desire maximum quality.

With a 25mm barrel size, the Mast machine would perfectly fit most of your hands. The power button at the top can help you see how much power is remaining in the battery and take necessary actions depending on the number.

You get a Mast Tour rotary tattoo machine and one Mast Wireless Battery along with your purchase. Though the battery life is strong, it is recommended that you buy an additional set of batteries when you travel around.

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Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen

The Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Rotary Pen is so compact and small that it could fit inside your shirt pocket! It is also available in a range of colors such as red, blue, black, and pink, giving you a choice to pick your preferred pen color and start unleashing your creativity skills.

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The battery capacity of the Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine is amazing, given its 8 hours of battery life. To recharge, the pen doesn’t take more than 2 hours to gear itself back into action.

Mast Archer Wireless Tattoo machine must be appreciated for its user-friendly design as the machine comes with a backlit LED display. Using this display, you can view various information such as the battery’s runtime, capacity, and voltage.

A highlight of the machine is its compatibility with different needle cartridges. Don’t worry about precision and sharpness, as the stainless steel spring takes care of your color packing, shading, and lining requirements.

The company has incorporated an advanced gear system that makes the pen’s functioning smooth, quiet, and soft, promoting rapid heal time for the tattoo.

If you want a flexible and lightweight model that helps you be as gentle on your customer’s skin as possible, go for this model that comes with efficient cartridge changes and replacements.

The two replaceable grips provided are used to adjust the needle depth by rotating the grip, and the grips can be sterilized and kept safe in an autoclave.

You get one Mast Archer wireless machine, two replaceable grips, a USB charging cord, and a gift box along with the package.

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Mast Saber Wireless Battery Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen

The Mast Saber Wireless Battery Rotary Tattoo Men revolutionized the world by isolating the machine’s cord, thereby helping artists handle the machine with better dexterity and take it to any corner of the world.

One of this model’s best features is its battery capacity—coming with a 2000 mAh battery, you can use the wireless tattoo machine for 8 hours continuously.

Once the power is discharged, recharge it for 2 hours to reuse. Also, you can work on the images even while charging.

To monitor available charges and plan your work accordingly, the tattoo machine pen is equipped with an LED display that shows all necessary information such as working voltage, working time, and voltage.

What is the voltage needed to operate the pen? It is between 5 and 10V, and the voltage differs according to your requirements. For instance, you need 7.5-9V if you plan to do the lining, whereas, for shading, set it from 6-8V. The stroke length of the pen is 3.5mm.

The wireless rotary pen’s working mechanism is straightforward, and it can start working immediately without needing any other extra operation.

Coming to its weight, the pen weighs a little above 6 and a half ounces that is very easy to use when you wish to do complicated images.

Lengthwise, the pen measures 5.2inches, and the diameter is 1.26inches, helping you fit into your pocket easily. There are two different colors, red and black, available and you can choose your preferred color.

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STIGMA Premium Quality Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen EM158-2

If you observe closely, it becomes obvious that the STIGMA tattoo machine pen is similar to the Mast Saber model in its operation and features. The frame is sturdily made from aircraft-quality aluminum alloy and comes with 5 removable grip sleeves, of which 3 come with metal and the other 2 come with rubber finish.

While the pen is red, the grips are made of black rubber. Choose any of the 5 grips to suit your working needs.

The machine is equipped with a 12V starting voltage and a 2000mAh lithium battery. Make 0.1 voltage increments using the + and – buttons provided on the tattoo machine.

The machine can be used for 7hrs continuously once you charge it completely for 2 hrs which helps tattoo artists focus on their working mechanism instead of worrying about the pen’s functionality.

Using the STIGMA pen is simple and convenient as the machine operates at a low vibration, has an effective needle length of 3mm, and changes the needle stroke length from 1-4mm.

The model has great user reviews where many customers have appreciated the smooth click adjustment, and the cartridge stays intact, helping with the necessary display details while working.

When you purchase a STIGMA tattoo pen, the package includes five controllers and a data charging table. The pen has a one-year warranty and is available in two different colors, namely red and black.

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Stigma Tattoo Rotary Wireless Tattoo Machine Kit EM-125

While artists love to bring about enticing images, it is nice to work with a good-quality pen appealing to your eyes. The Stigma EM-125 rotary pen is available in rose gold color and comes with a DC connector.

The pen boasts sturdy construction as it has a space aluminum frame and is fitted with an excellent-quality Japan motor that assures maximum functionality.

The barrel is very light and compact, and it might be better if you close it with the tape (available with the purchase) to provide you with a better grip while working.

The advanced motor and the gear system ensure that the tattoo pen works smoothly without any noise or vibrations.

The pen comes with two packs of batteries that help you operate continuously without glitches. Use one battery and recharge the other one to increase your work efficiency. Each battery has a 1500mAh capacity and can work up to 6 hours based on the chosen voltage.

It is recommended that you use a 12V voltage to safeguard the machine and the power supply. There are indicator lightings, each of which denotes a specific voltage that’s used presently.

The machine has CE certification and has a 1-year warranty that keeps you covered for any problems.

Along with the machine, the manufacturer has provided 20 sterilized needle cartridges, sterilized and packed individually. If you wish to use any other needles, you may do so as the machine is compatible with all cartridge needles.

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Solong Tattoo Rotary Tattoo Machine with Wireless Tattoo Power Supply

Here is a neat and clean tattoo machine from Solong constructed using CNC-machined aircraft aluminum and boasts of scratch resistance as the machine comes with an anodized finish.

The 10 W powerful motor is made in Taiwan and guarantees a strong, stable, and noiseless operation that never gets hot even if you use it for longer hours.

Don’t worry about the machine’s operation, as you can use it with a regular power supply given that you have a DC 5.5 connector. You can either use the battery or go with the direct power source to run the machine.

The choice is good, as the battery is only 1500mAh that lasts for only 2-3 hours after charging it fully. Monitor the battery power on the battery and plan your task accordingly.

The Solong pen is compatible with all other power supplies, and you also get a plug adaptor that works fine with the power supplies.

You can use this pen for doing permanent eyebrows, lip line, eye line, and tattooing serving multipurpose needs.

The package includes one hybrid tattoo pen, one wireless tattoo battery, and 50 tattoo needles that are good for your artistic needs. The tattoo pen satisfies CE certification and has a 1-year warranty.

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Hawink Corn Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit with Battery

Shaped like the corn in a cob, the Hawink Corn Rotary Tattoo Machine gets its name likewise, and this model is the company’s latest addition.

We are concerned about motor quality but sadly don’t have much data about it as all that we know is that the model is equipped with a ‘widely-used high-quality’ motor that assures a strong torque, and the shaft rotation is also very smooth.

The machine can be used at a voltage between 7 and 11 Volts, beyond which it could lead to overheating of the motor, thereby affecting the output.

The battery capacity is 1500mAh, and hence, you cannot use it for more than 3 hours (the battery capacity differs based on the voltage used). The rotary tattoo machine comes with an RCA connector used for rechargeable batteries.

The Hawink Corn Rotary machine has a 3mm stroke and a 4mm needle length, and as such, the machine is lightweight, ergonomic to use, and offers a strong grip just like your pen (being a pen-style machine).

So, you can be sure of performing tattoo designs with the highest possible precision compared to traditional models.

There is no user manual provided with the kit, but you do get 20 different-sized needle cartridges despite such benefits.

You can also use any other needles of your choice as the machine is compatible with various cartridge needles.

Besides this, the kit also includes a tattoo battery, grip tape wrap, and the machine.

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HAWINK Wireless Tattoo Machine Rotary Pen CNC-M-WE

The most captivating thing about the Hawink Wireless tattoo pen CNC-M-WE is its rainbow of LEDs that display the percentage of battery charge available for use that helps you monitor your tattooing needs and keep a backup accordingly.

But the battery capacity is only 900mAh, and the power bolt could be used up to 3.5 hours after recharge.

On the brighter side, the battery takes only 1.5hours to charge fully, and the manufacturer has provided two of them so that you need not stop your work midway because of battery issues.

You get up to 85% of energy efficiency on each battery, and hence, it could be used more efficiently comparatively.

The company has designed this pen with a short drive, and also, it is not a direct drive. So, you can use it for bringing about various tattoo effects, enhancing your overall work output, and the machine also guarantees reduced vibration compared to other machines.

As the name, the pen has a WE motor that the team has exclusively designed—the highlight of the design is its low energy consumption capability, increased energy-saving nature, and emphasis on a greener Earth.

Along with the package, we get 1 machine, 2 power bolts, 1 professional manual, and 1 type-C cord that’s useful for charging. A 1-year warranty is offered on the product that is the brand’s first wireless tattoo machine.

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Hildbrandt Javelin Wireless Portable Tattoo Pen Kit

If you are a beginner artist trying to catch hold of the nuances involved in tattoo art, the Hildbrandt Javelin wireless tattoo pen is a good choice as it comes with a tattoo system containing clear instructions.

The company has even provided a CD that gives you various tattoo flash designs that help the artist improve creativity skills.

Explore color combination options using the 20 ink colors provided in the kit and use the various needles to try different strokes and linings.

Replacing the needles isn’t a problem as the machine is compatible with needle cartridges of various brands.

The machine is fitted with a 4.5W motor that guarantees smooth performance, and there is one button that helps you switch between voltage, battery percentage and make voltage adjustments (between 0 and 12 volts).

Coming to the battery, the Hildbrandt Javelin pen is fitted with a 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery that guarantees a run time of up to 5 hours.

You can monitor the battery charge and make adjustments to the voltage depending on the information available in the LED display, all of this using a single power button.

Try your hands on lining, shading, and packing colors using all the hardware and instructions packed with the tattoo machine. The machine makes use of an RCA plug that’s inserted in an upright position in pen.

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The Hildbrandt Javelin pen is a versatile multi-purpose pen, an excellent tool for beginner tattoo artists, and excellent needle depth.

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Ambition Rotary Battery Pen Tattoo Machine 1800mAh

The Ambition Rotary Battery pen is indeed an ambitious machine that is extremely convenient for regular use.

The machine’s shell is CNC-carved, and the frame is made of aluminum alloy that’s great to see, easy to hold, and simple to use.

The pen is available in three colors: black, rose gold, and silver, and is quite heavy, weighing 7.408 ounces. Despite the weight, the pen could be easily disassembled, the parts could be replaced, and the maintenance is easy.

Fitted with a 9W brushless Japanese motor, the machine can reach a maximum speed of up to 10800rpm but assures us of minimum vibration and sound.

Powerful and versatile, the motor doesn’t get hot even after working continuously for long.

If you maintain it under 8V, the battery with a 1800mAh capacity can work up to 5-6hours helping you meet your work requirements, and charging takes not more than 1.5-2hours.

Use this wireless tattoo pen as a shader or a liner as the pen has a stroke length of 3.5mm, and the advanced direct drive system assures us of a smooth, soft, and noiseless working.

This machine’s highlight is that it is suitable for all skins, and any cartridge needles could be used with it. Being lightweight and gentle, it is simple to transfer the ink onto the skin, and the pen comes with a USB cable for charging.

The LED display helps you monitor the battery charge available, the voltage maintained, and take steps accordingly.

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Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen EM116-1

An additional battery is always better than using a single battery. The Solong Tattoo Kit doesn’t disappoint us in this regard as there are two batteries to support your working needs.

Each battery has a capacity of 760mAh only and can run for 2-3 hours when you charge them for 1 hour.

Operate the machine at a voltage from 6.4 to 8.2 volts depending on which the battery life lasts and weighing 45grams. The weight is equally distributed on the pen. The 9-speed levels allow you to select from 9 different voltages for your lining and shading purposes.

The Solong Tattoo machine is made from high-grade aircraft aluminum material, and the powerful Japanese motor guarantees a quiet and stable performance without much noise or vibrations.

The pen base is magnetic with a magnetron switch, and when you place the pen onto the base, the motor halts instantly, and the RGB indicator keeps flashing. The pen continues to work once you remove it from the base.

Along with the package, you get one tattoo pen, two tattoo batteries, one tattoo pen base, one USB cable, an adaptor, and a charging cable.

The tattoo pen’s highlight is that when the voltage goes below 6V, a red light flashes and the pen stops working as a precautionary measure.

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Inkmachines Scorpion Tattoo Machine

The most impressive feature about the Inkmachines Scorpion tattoo machine is its versatile performance that’s smooth and noiseless.

Equipped with an optimal battery, you can work for 5 hours continuously using this tattoo machine.

Operating at a voltage between 5 and 12V, this is indeed a wide range for such a wireless pen-styled tattoo machine.

This model passes with flying colors, unlike most rotary tattoo machines that weigh more in terms of total weight. The Inkmachines Scorpion weighs only 100g and comes with a disposable grip.

Remember, the total weight goes up when you attach the wireless battery to the pen.

One of the best features about this model is that we can add an RCA adaptor making it highly comfortable for use by all, and the machine is clip cord ready.

In terms of frame and construction, the tattoo machine has an aluminum frame that ensures durability, and the Swiss motor guarantees a noiseless and low-vibration operation.

Use any standard cartridges to keep your job going as the product is provided with all essential tools for converting the neo cartridges into standard ones.

Though the machine’s battery is not within the frame, it must not be an issue for all. Still, it’s worth testing before buying it.

On the downside, the product might not be quite suitable for beginners.

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Best Wireless Tattoo Machine Brands

Of the lot, some of the best wireless tattoo machine brands in the market include:


It is not wrong to say that Dragonhawk is a master blaster in the tattoo machine industry, and their Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Tattoo machine, a wireless model, is a sweeping win among buyers. The model comes with 10 pcs of needle cartridges and a wireless power supply.

Ink Machines

The Ink Machines brand is a pioneer in the wireless tattoo machine segment and offers several wireless models that attract our attention.

Swiss Tattoo Machines

The Swiss Tattoo Machines is a brand that has produced some wonderful wireless tattoo machines that are loved by all. Among them, the Unchained model is a best-selling wireless rotary tattoo machine model.


We have a wireless rotary pen machine that’s ergonomically designed and worth your consideration if you want to choose a wireless tattoo machine.


Cheyenne is a brand that has a strong footing in the tattoo machine market, and their latest wireless model, the Sol Nova Unlimited, is a pen-style rotary tattoo machine.