Top 7 Best Tattoo Machines for Lining Reviews and Buying Guide

Once you become a tattoo artist, selecting the best tattoo machine complements your artistic skills and helps unleash your maximum potential.

But, when we want to focus on one specific activity, such as lining, and buy the best tattoo machine for lining, it is a different ball game altogether.

It is essential to understand the various features and the nuances present in any lining machine, making it a good choice to buy.

How to Choose the Best Lining Tattoo Machine?

There are various types of tattoo machines, of which the rotary and coil machines are top-rated and much used among tattoo artists.

The choice is entirely dependent on your requirements, as every tattoo machine type has its pros and cons. By going through them carefully, it becomes easier for you to make an informed choice.

Tattoo Machine Types

If you wonder which was the first tattoo machine type used since the olden days, it is none other than the rotary tattoo machines. It was discovered as early as the 19th century and worked on single needles.

Though we have started using many advanced tattoo machines, if your choice is for the conventional type, you might choose the rotary tattoo machine as they have their fair share of history in the tattoo art industry.

Moreover, they are lightweight, and hence, you find them easier to hold for long hours. Maintenance-wise, too, these machines are good to go as applying a little oil makes them smooth.

The rotary tattoo machine allows you to fully concentrate on the work at hand as you know the working principle.

Are you a fan of drawing fine lines? If so, don’t fail to go for this model, as they provide a quicker healing option on the skin.

If your choice is for the coil tattoo machines, I bet that you are a big fan of versatility. Using this machine is quite tricky as it comes with a learning curve, and it is up to you to set the right voltage for doing the job. But, you get to learn much from this process, which is indeed good!

When you start exploring the machine, you automatically bond with it understanding its nuances and functionalities. Every machine reacts differently to changes in voltage.

So, the main difference between these two models is that while a rotary machine’s operation is faster and more consistent with voltage fluctuations, a coil machine reacts when there is a voltage change. It depends on your needs to choose a machine that fits your requirements.


The quality of a machine is always important for optimal durability. Any manufacturer who has a well-established name for delivering high-quality products is the one who must be your primary focus.

There are reviews all over the Internet, and going through them quickly can give a detailed view of the brand and its product. Machines are not all about the looks, but it’s their performance that matters.


Each of us has a defined budget in mind within which we would love to buy our tattoo machine. But, never be influenced by the product’s pricing alone, as you might compromise the quality this way.

Several manufacturers readily offer good-quality products at an affordable cost. So, instead of using price as your primary factor, look into other key factors that affect the machine’s performance.

Some brands come up with budget pricing though their reviews are great. It is possible because their sales volumes are much higher.

If you are trying tattoo art for the first time, it is always recommended that you invest a moderate amount and decide whether tattoo art is your forte.

Besides this, also look for products that offer a warranty/guarantee. An optimal guarantee means that the company is sure about the quality of its product.

The Whole Setup

It is not just one or two parts of the machine but the entire machine integral to your tattoo art business.

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Hence, your choice of brushes, pedals, inks, and more can affect the final result.

For instance, the pedal choice has a strong impact on the voltage, affecting how your machine performs.

So, it makes sense to understand how each of the parts affects the overall functioning of the machine. If any of the parts don’t perform well, you can know that the machine’s overall performance might not be great.

Always have a consistent setup. Even when you plan to change the tattoo machine, all other components can remain as they are.

By this, you get a clear idea of how the machine performs and ensure that other factors don’t come in the way of your machine’s working.

What Are the Best Tattoo Machines for Lining? My Top 7 Picks

Based on the important features discussed above, I’ve developed the top 7 best tattoo machines that enhance your lining-related work and uplift the image’s overall look.

Vlad Blad Delicate Liner Tattoo Machine

The entire tattooing process is much fun, not only for getting the tattoo done, but the same must be enjoyable for the artist who is spending hours together doing intricate designs and lines.

The Vlad Blad Delicate Liner Tattoo Machine is fun to work with and produces amazing designs that can surely satisfy your customers and artists.

Made in Russia, the manufacturer doesn’t take his products lightly—he not only makes collectible irons but takes utmost care in manufacturing highly efficient workhorses that serve your purpose to the dot.

The Delicate Liner from Vlad Blad sets the perfect example for their skillful production skills as the machine can accommodate needles of various sizes—right from size 3 to size 9 for doing detailed and fine work.

Are you a portrait artist whose job generally involves drawing life-like images that involve eyelashes, hair, and other fine details? It is highly recommended that you make use of this tattoo machine for achieving intricate images and dotwork.

The circular frame is not too heavy, made of aluminum, weighing only a little beyond 1 ounce. The armature bar is ergonomically designed such that the machine doesn’t spoil your artwork by producing ink blowouts when you are busy doing images on the customer.

The manufacturer provides a good warranty period on their tattoo machine, with 25 years offered on the frame, coils, capacitor, and armature bar. A 1-year warranty is provided for the spring, contact screw binding post, coil cover, frame coating everywhere (except around the vice screw area), and vice screw.

A 1-year warranty is provided for all the components, including the motor, cover, and frame coating (except the vice screw area).

Customer service is one of the biggest highlights of the model as the manufacturer attends to the designing of the machine and provides after-sales care with utmost precision.

Every customer is attended to with concern taking time to answer all their queries. As a highlight of their service, the company offers free lifetime service for all first-owner purchased machines.

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Mini Dietzel Liner Tattoo Machine by HM Tools & Dye

The HM Tools and Dye is a company founded by the tattoo artist Roman from Tattoo Magic.

The brand value of any tattoo machine holds importance while making a purchase, and HM Tools & Dye is a premium manufacturer that makes authentic tattoo machines whose headquarters are located in Madrid, Spain.

Being made from solid metal blocks, the tattoo machines are designed with utmost elegance and fabricated using the best materials to develop a long-lasting design.

As every piece of equipment is CNC-machined, you are guaranteed top accuracy. Made from iron with silver contact screws and iron oxide fittings, the tattoo machine’s total weight is 11.04 ounces.

The machine comes with 8-wrap coils and can perform hard hits with long strokes. A mini liner, you can use small-sized needles that range between 3 and 7.

Though the machine is primarily made of iron, you can also request brass or copper models that make it user-friendly.

Coming with a clip cord connection, the machine is provided with a lightweight armature bar that supports your tattooing needs perfectly.

Suppose you are looking for one of the best tattoo machines that serve your lining needs. In that case, you can surely try the Mini Dietzel Liner Tattoo Machine comfortable to use by all groups of individuals—novice artists, intermediates, and well-known professionals.

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HAWINK Coil Machine Liner

There might be double takes on this product if budget is a concern as the HAWINK coil machine liner is an intermediate lining machine. But, if you ask my opinion, I would still suggest that you consider this product as the machine performs its tasks perfectly fine.

The frame is made from steel powder coating, and pure brass is used in the front and rear binding posts.

The vice screws and vice are made strong enough to fit all grips available in the market. The coil tattoo machine has 10 wrap coils, and the wire is a 24-gauge enamel-coated wire.

The maximum voltage that the machine can handle is 50V, and to our benefit, the tool can handle any load.

The armature bar is nicely made designed to handle needles up to 18 RL. As a tattoo artist, doing finer liner is part of the job, and to accommodate this, the tool has a 3.5mm throw that allows for maximum flow of ink and single-pass lines.

If you are interested in doing traditional designs, don’t miss out on this piece of equipment, as the front spring supports higher power, speed, and stroke. The rear spring minimizes impact and vibration that makes the drawing accurate and precise.

Customer service is commendable, and the company never fails to answer all your inquiries regarding the machine and its functioning at any point in time.

Be assured of a good-quality product that comes with superb after-sales service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all HAWINK coil machine liners. The reviews are good, and you can get a fair idea about the product.

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Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

Hours and hours of drawing and coloring on your customer’s skin are sure to make your hands tired, and the wrists could suffer from fatigue and cramps.

Weighing only around 6 ounces, controlling the rotary machine, and handling its operation is quite simple and easy. So, don’t worry about tired hands and body.

The Japanese-style motor guarantees the tattoo machine’s superb power and optimal functioning, helping you do your lining, shading, and coloring work impeccably.

Choosing the right power supply is necessary to keep the machine running smoothly and, hence, connect it to a 9V power. This way, the machine runs quieter compared to other traditional models. Use voltage between 7.5 and 8.5 for color packing and shading and a voltage between 8 and 9 for your lining-related work.

Make use of needles up to 50mag in size, and the stroke length is 3.5mm. The machine can handle tubes up to 8mm.

The ergonomic design and the lightweight nature of the machine make it a great addition to your work setup. The machine is also versatile, helping you achieve all work-related needs such as color-packing, grey shading, light shading, and heavy black filling.

The oily slider keeps the tool smooth and stable. The steel spring supports better resilience and stability and offers compatibility with traditional tattoo needles and cartridges.

Make use of the Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine for using it daily for your tattooing work.

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Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen Kit

Tattoo art is a work of beauty, and when the kit used to make the art is also beautiful, that’s even more inspiring to work.

The Stigma Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen kit has a DC connector with a rose gold aluminum casing.

You can expect a noiseless operation from the machine as it is fitted with a Japanese motor. The motor operates powerfully and has an advanced gear system that enables you to work on your designs reliably without any vibration.

Make use of the pen for long hours without any worries as it is ergonomic and lightweight (weighing only 3.95 ounces), thereby relieving you from any sorts of cramps or injuries to your wrist.

None of us like to stop working in the middle of something and avoid such mishaps, and the manufacturer has provided two sets of batteries. Use either of them interchangeably to complete your work.

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When one of the batteries is used, the other can be charged to enable you to work continuously without glitches. Each battery can function smoothly for up to 4 hours.

Inside the kit, you can find one wireless Stigma rotary pen, a carrying case, two batteries, grip wrap, gloves, and sterilized cartridges.

There are 20pcs of cartridges that are sterilized and individually packed. Even if these get over, don’t fret as the pen is compatible with all types of cartridge needles.

The pen comes with a CE certificate and a one-year warranty that is optimal given the current scenario. You can run the machine at a voltage between 8 and 11 V using it mostly for lining and pretty lesser for shading purposes.

Ensure that the machine works under 12V to protect the components and the power supply from spoilage.

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BIGWASP Rotary Tattoo Machine

You might be a beginner or an experienced tattoo artist, but I am sure anyone of you would like this BIGWASP rotary tattoo machine, given its performance-oriented design.

The only concern is that this pen is not wireless, and you must connect it to an RCA connector and a power supply to make use of it.

If you wonder about the voltage that must be used, operate it between 5 and 8 volts to ensure the smooth functioning of the pen.

Made of space aluminum frame and fitted with a Japanese motor, the pen epitome of power and noiseless operation. CNC-machined and coming with a top-quality frame, there are no overheating problems you suffer from this pen.

We are not the same, but we all love an accurate machine that offers us maximum control over what we do.

The pen’s grip is ultimate as you feel it to be just like an actual pen, which helps you do your tattoo work precisely and comfortably compared to traditional tattoo pens. Get a grip over the pen simply by holding it the same way you hold a marker.

The pen is optimally hard for lining in one pass and soft to shade large areas. You can make use of 9V for the lining. Compatibility is not a problem with the BIGWASP Rotary Tattoo machine pen, as it can work with all needle types and cartridges.

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BRONC Premium Rotary Machine

If you are a professional tattoo artist looking for a versatile tattoo machine, don’t forget to miss out on looking for the BRONC Premium Rotary Machine.

The body is made of aircraft aluminum and hence, guarantees superb sturdiness and durability that’s appreciable.

You might be an intermediate tattoo artist or an advanced tattooist who loves to work with a fine piece of rotary machine that can satisfy your intricate requirements.

The Swiss motor fitted in this machine supports your requirements, helping you achieve optimal power and a smooth operation.

This model can make you feel like working with an actual pen as the product is stable and user-friendly.

The machine comes with an RCA connector cord and needs a power supply that operates optimally from 5 to 12V.

Make adjustments to the stroke length up to 4.5mm while the stroke length is 3.5mm.

Don’t worry about the machine’s weight, as the whole tool weighs around 5.46 ounces making it sleek and easy to hold. The body is well-balanced, making it suitable to hold the tool for long hours without straining your hands.

Feel free to do everything from lining and shading to packing freely and easily using the BRONC premium rotary machine.

The kit involves a tattoo pen, an RCA cord, a pen tray, and cartridge needles. If, in case, you are not satisfied with the product after purchasing it, don’t worry but return it for a full refund.

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