Top 10 Best Rotary Tattoo Machines Review – Read Before Buying

Tattoo artists are loaded with creativity, imagination, and the skillset to develop beautiful designs for the individual. As an artist, you would love to deliver the best to your customer and for this, using the right tattoo machine becomes of utmost importance.

There has always been a dilemma whether to go for the dual coil machine or choose the rotary tattoo machine for use. You can choose between both only if you become aware of each of its working mechanisms, advantages, and disadvantages.

Learning about their working mechanism and the unique features that make each of the models a sought-after one can help you make the right decision. Below are the difference between tattoo machines, the key features that help you select a good rotary machine, and a list of the top rotary tattoo machines that would help you enhance your working ability during any tattoo art.

Are Rotary Tattoo Machines Better Than Coil Tattoo Machine?

Beyond the machine’s weight, the materials used for making the frame, and the power source, the key feature that differentiates rotary and coil machines concerns the needles.

Let’s talk about coil machines first—here, the electromagnetic current goes through the coils that control the armature bar releasing it, and the bar, in turn, functions solidly to retract and inject the needles.

While rotary machines have been used since the olden days, many individuals have switched to coil machines primarily due to two important factors—coil models are more easily available. They are quite cheaper when we compare them to other machines.

It is easy to guess whether a tattoo artist uses a coil or rotary machine as a coil tattoo machine doesn’t fail to create a buzzing sound heard by anyone who passes through the tattoo shop.

But, rotary machines cause no such noises and ensure a quiet operation. Here, the needles go about doing their work using a small motor that’s compactly encased in the machine.

You can be sure of a smooth drawing and an even impact on the skin, as these needles move very smoothly owing to the high-performing motors in the rotary machine.

Let’s look at the key differences between rotary and coil machines to understand why one is better. We have commonly heard that Rotary machines are comparatively advantageous to dual coil machines, especially in the lining and shading-related work.

Some other clear advantages of a rotary machine in comparison to a dual coil include:


With two coils and an iron rod, the coil tattoo machines are comparatively heavier, making it a tiresome affair for tattoo artists when they are engaged for long hours together in tattoo drawing art.

On the other hand, rotary machines operate using a motor that makes them lighter and hence, easier to use and comfortable to hold for very long hours without much trouble.

If you are not aware, working for long hours can lead to cramps in the hands and fingers of tattoo artists, and you could avoid this, thereby avoiding any signs of mistakes when the artist uses a rotary tattoo machine.


All of us are well aware of the jarring noise created by a coil tattoo machine. For a first-time user, this might make him/her nervous and quite intimidated.

Therefore, there are higher chances that the individual might succumb to twitching or slight shaking, which might affect the risk of damage to the skin’s tattoo art.

Whereas rotary machines are known for their quiet operation and noiseless performance, which boosts the confidence of a first-time user, the process will be simple and smooth without any glitches.


The result of tattoo art is commendable with the intricate diagrams, the authentic shadings, and the wonderful color combinations that help the artist create unique results. But, for doing each of these, the tattoo machine must support the artist.

The biggest drawback of using a coil machine is that you can either use the machine to do lines or shades but cannot do both of them. Hence, the artist is forced to procure both types of machines to do lines and shades that help him achieve good images by the end.

Rotary machines are designed to enable the artist to do both lines and shades using a single machine just by selecting different needles. Hence, a rotary coil machine becomes a better choice on any given day compared to a coil tattoo machine. But it solely depends on the artist to select any machine, mainly depending on his requirements and preferences.

Top 10 Best Rotary Tattoo Machines

Below are the best rotary tattoo machines that thrive as the best in the industry, given their excellent performance and results.

FK Irons Spektra Xion Rotary Pen Machine

Everyone cannot procure a piece of the FK Iron Spektra Xion Rotary pen to use it. If you are interested in buying, you must show evidence that you are a professional tattoo artist or an apprentice interested in purchasing the pen for tattoo art.

For those interested in precision and top-quality machines for daily use, the FK Iron Spektra Xion pen is a trustworthy brand that’s good to use.

FK irons have proved themselves to be on top of the tattoo machine manufacturing list with this rotary pen machine with the perfect balance, ergonomic design, and handling ease.

The machine supports changeable strokes that are convenient, and it comes with a 3.2mm and 3.7mm stroke wheel included with your purchase.

As we wish, the adjustable grip makes it compatible with different kinds of needles, and this is a renowned feature that helps you choose any brand without depending on one brand solely.

Don’t worry about the needle depth, as it can be locked at any desired position with the ratcheting system, where it stays intact without movements.

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Make hard to soft adjustments using the Give Knob dial that changes needle strike with just one turn.

The frame and construction are safe and sound with aircraft-grade aluminum that weighs only 5.36 ounces. The material is of top quality. Therefore you needn’t worry about heating-related issues. Maintenance is also straightforward as you can sanitize it in an instant by wiping it down.

The power supply is significant to a tattoo machine, and luckily, this model syncs well with almost all power supplies, and the machine comes with a 6W MotorBolt System. But, before using any, it is ideal for checking the voltage supply.

The pen is lightweight and highly compatible, making it a one-stop solution for any of your tattooing needs.

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Bishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine

The warranty of any tattoo machine is generally not very long but contradictory to this. The Bishop Wand Pen Tattoo Machine offers a lifetime guarantee on the custom Faulhaber Motor.

Doesn’t this speak about the machine’s durability and excellent quality?

The machine’s weight is of utmost importance to avoid cramps, and the Bishop brand has understood this too well. That’s why each pen weighs not more than 4 ounces, with the body made from hand-polished aircraft aluminum and finished with a matte grip.

Again, beyond the rainbow color images and designs, if you are into realistic pictures and art, it is only right that you choose this model, either the shader or the packer wand, if you would like to buy the rotary tattoo pen machine.

Either of them would be a great all-in-one machine that satisfies all your requirements—the shader takes care of all the finer line details and shadings that come with a realistic finish as it has a soft brushed motor fitted with custom windings and a 3.5mm stroke measurement.

The packer helps create bolder lines and realistic color impressions using a brushless motor with custom windings created, especially with greater force and torque for better impressions. It has a 4.2mm stroke measurement, and the adjustable needle depth goes up to 6mm.

The company also offers a liner wand with a brushless motor with a custom winding manufactured with higher torque and speed for your artistic requirements.

Bishop is sure to woe you to buy their Wand Pen Tattoo Machine as every piece of equipment is hand-assembled to ensure maximum precision and optimal functionality.

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Cheyenne Sol Terra Tattoo Machine

Cheyenne is a great tattoo machine manufacturing brand, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that many of you have heard about the Cheyenne Hawk, but do you know about the Sol Terra tattoo machine?

Coming from Cheyenne’s house, the Sol Terra is made to precision and achieves perfection manufactured in Berlin.

With this model, the company has set a new high standard for angled rotary tattoo machines in the market. There are two different adjustable settings possible—the hard and the sensei setting, each providing an enchanting experience to tattoo artists.

When using the ‘Hard’ setting, the machine acts as a normal rotary pen performing the lining job with a 4mm stroke. In contrast, the Sensei setting is just like your coil tattoo machine.

Still, the surprise element here is that the piece of equipment performs almost noiselessly with minimal vibration, in contrast to the coil machine in general.

A tattoo machine’s motor affects the performance, and this machine has a brushless powerful DC motor. It can operate from a low-frequency range from 25Hz, making the machine function smoothly yet powerfully without any glitches.

Tattooing might be quite painful. Using this model, the artist gets the upper hand in controlling the motor working out through various settings to find the right setting that minimizes pain, helps in easier healing, and accommodates faster completion of the tattooing process.

Don’t worry about lining and coloring, as the pen has a 4mm stroke length available in the machine, which helps you do excellent linings and color packings.

The 3.5mm jack is compatible with any power supplies available at Cheyenne, and the machine is provided with a 1-year warranty. Above all, it weighs only 3 ounces, making it very easy to handle and use for long hours.

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Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo Machine

The very first attraction regarding the Cheyenne Sol Nova Tattoo machine is its rainbow colors available to pick and choose that make your working process as colorful and vibrant as the tattoo art that’s being done on your customer.

The company has come up with a brilliant design combining the benefits of an angled-tattoo machine and the comfort of using a tattoo pen. This way, Cheyenne has produced the noiseless and minimal vibration tattoo pen globally that’s way above the rest in its powerful operation and performance.

With the motor power essential for good performance, the Sol Nova machine comes with a brushless DC motor that’s durable and reliable, providing a steady power supply. Even the frequency is constant, and the pen can work at frequencies as low as 25Hz up to 150Hz, making it an ultimate choice for precision dot works and pepper shading needs.

Manufactured with an ergonomic design, the machine is only 33mm in diameter and has a 3.5mm stroke length making it a perfect fit for lining and shading purposes.

The needle depth is adjustable from 0-4.0mm, and the machine is manufactured complying with all required medical standards making it safe and sound to use.

Cheyenne recommends that artists use their disposable Ergo Grips that assure maximum safety and hygiene. Also, the machine weighs only 5 ounces making it compact and comfortable to use.

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Stigma Tattoo Kit Rotary Tattoo Machine EM125KITPRB20-8-US

At every juncture of selecting a tattoo machine, you must make the right choices. Once you have decided to go with a rotary pen, the next important decision is its wired or wireless models. It is always better to go for a wireless pen, as the model offers better hand skill and ease of operation.

Generally, wireless models are quite expensive, but Stigma has made a difference by producing one of the most affordable tattoo machines.

Colors make our lives beautiful, and even for an artist, the beauty of colors is a sure motivating factor, and the Stigma Rotary kit doesn’t disappoint us in this regard. The machine is made from a sturdy aluminum frame with a rose gold color and comes fitted with a Japanese motor that assures rock-solid performance.

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Reliability and noiselessness are two critical aspects of this model’s motor functioning, and the vibration-free operation and the advanced gear system promote optimal functioning.

Two batteries are provided with the product, making it comfortable for the artist to work continuously without recharging them. With 1500mAh capacity, the batteries are optimal for checking out your current working voltage. But how do you do this? It is by using lights that we can monitor the voltage. For instance, one light indicates that the output is 4.5V, and when all five lights are displayed, the output is 10.5V.

Ensure that the working voltage is well under 12V to allow for the smooth working of the machine and protect both the power supply and the machine.

When charged completely, you can use one battery for 3 hours continuously without disturbance.

The kit comes with two batteries, 20 needle cartridges sterilized, a case to carry the kit, and many other accessories.

Besides the cartridges provided, you can use any other needles of your choice as the pen is compatible with all cartridge needles.

The Stigma tattoo kit comes with a CE certification, and the machine is covered under a 1-year warranty.

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STIGMA Rotary Tattoo Machine Pen EM158-1

Balance and grip are two essential aspects for tattoo artists who wish for perfection and versatility in their tattoo art. The STIGMA Rotary Tattoo machine pen aids in both these key areas: staying well-balanced in your hand and offering a non-slip grip using the top-quality frame and finish.

The wireless rotary pen tattoo machine is made from aircraft aluminum alloy and has 5 grip sleeves, of which 3 are metal, and 2 are rubber. Choose from any of the sleeves depending on your daily requirements.

The battery is another important aspect of any tattoo machine that affects the overall performance of the machine. In this model, the battery placement is smart—it is placed as a continuation of the barrel rather than being attached to the side.

The aluminum material used here is of high grade and hence, ensures that the machine doesn’t become hot, nor does it cause vibrations that can affect the tattooing output.

The 3.7V lithium battery comprises a 2000mAh capacity that gives you 7 hours of uninterrupted time to work as per your convenience. The battery can withstand up to 13V, and voltage adjustments can be made using the + and – buttons that change in 0.1V during every press.

Make use of the LED digital display screen to note the voltage setting using which the machine is operating, the battery power remaining, and monitor for how long the pen has been in use.

The needle length is 3.00mm, the adjustable stroke length is between 1.0 and 4.0mm, but it performs best at 3.00mm.

We get a 1-year guarantee on the machine available in two different colors, namely red and black.

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HAWINK Rotary Short Pen Tattoo Machine

Reap maximum benefits by paying much less than what you would pay for similar features by purchasing the HAWINK Rotary short pen tattoo machine, a Chinese brand that offers excellent quality for the price paid.

The machine body is made of aircraft aluminum alloy that guarantees a smooth operation of the machine and minimum vibration, thereby improving the overall working mechanism of the tattoo machine.

Fitted with a German Faulhaber Motor, the machine works smoothly with utmost stability and power.

A hybrid pen model, the Hawink tattoo machine is just like your actual pen delivering excellent performance and coming with a decent look. The stroke length is 4mm, and the machine comes with an RCA cord connection. Still, you need to come up with your power supply.

The motor can be operated between 5 and 10V with the maximum voltage possible at 10V, beyond which the motor gets overheated and leads to mechanical wear and tear.

The pen is lightweight, weighing only 4.5 ounces that makes it easy to operate and comfortable to use. Don’t worry about stoppages between your work as the machine can work up to 12 hours continuously.

Every production link is highly done with care by German engineers. The machine doesn’t cause any irritation on the skin, and above all, doesn’t hurt.

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Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

Though named as ‘Extreme’ Rotary Tattoo Machine, Dragonhawk is one of the most ergonomically designed tattoo machines that are weightless, weighing only 6.17 ounces.

Coming to the power supply, you need to come up with a power supply between 8 and 9V for lining and 7.5V and 8.5V if you want to do shading or color packing.

Hence, it seems clear without doubt that the Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine can be used to serve various purposes such as color packing, heavy black filling, and light black and gray shading.

Every piece of tattoo machine designed by Dragonhawk comes with an oily slider that prevents any vibration, and the steel spring adds stability and resilience to the machine. Above all, the running efficiency of the tattoo machine is appreciable as it is very smooth and stable.

Don’t worry about compatibility, as you can use any traditional cartridges and needles to use the machine.

The stroke length is 3.5mm, the maximum needle size is 50mag, and the product is available with a clip cord connection. Choose any color from black, red, or green for the tattoo machine and use it as per your convenience and liking.

The most surprising element about the Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine is that it is fitted with a powerful Japanese motor that guarantees optimal running and durability, enhancing your work output.

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Draonhawk Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit

You name it, and Dragonhawk Atom Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit has it making this model one of the most versatile ones available in the market.

Fitted with a DC motor, you needn’t worry the least about the machine’s performance as you are guaranteed uninterrupted operation, minimum noise, better stability, and sturdiness, and it is lightweight too.

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The manufacturer has provided a set of 20pcs tattoo needle cartridges that are extremely useful while working. Don’t worry if you run out of cartridges, as the machine is highly compatible with different cartridge needles.

You get the power supply fitted with the tattoo machine, and at a voltage from 6-9V, you can experience a stable and smooth operation using a DC cord connection.

Anyone who wishes to achieve precision with a tattoo machine needs excellent quality needles and high-function motor capability. The machine should be lightweight to help you use it for long hours together.

The Pen Rotary tattoo machine kit offers an ultimate grip that can be achieved by rotating the machine grip, which in turn helps you adjust the needle depth—with 9000R/M, the machine is strong, powerful, and can be used for various tattooing purposes such as shading, lining, and more.

The stroke length is 3.5mm, and the machine is smartly designed to give you a similar experience that you would get when you use an actual pen.

This model comes with high puncture power, frequency, and efficiency even when it is quieter and has low vibration.

The kit comes with 1 rotary pen machine with a DC clip cord, 20pcs of different-sized cartridge needles, 1-foot pedal, 1 power supply cable, and 1 carry case.

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Solong Tattoo Kit Rotary Machine

Suppose you are a beginner tattoo artist wishing to pursue a career in tattooing. In that case, the Solong Tattoo kit rotary machine could be a good choice as it comes with a tattoo machine, 20pcs of cartridge needles, power cord, power supply, a foot pedal, and other accessories.

The accessories are interesting and helpful—the company has provided a rainbow of colors, practice skin, which helps any novice artist try out various designs and use his imagination to explore color various combinations, a transfer paper, disposable gloves to maintain hygiene, grip tape, a case to carry the tattoo machine, and ink caps. Every needle is sterilized thoroughly, and the ink flow is good.

Even if the needles are over, don’t worry about procuring newer needle cartridges as the machine is compatible with most brands of cartridges available in the market.

No wonder this piece of machinery is most recommended for beginner artists! While the accessories help you repeatedly practice, once you decide to do tattooing in humans, it is better to procure a higher quality ink and green soap to maintain hygiene.

Every piece of machine is CNC-machined and made of aircraft aluminum alloy and comes with an anodized finish. The motor is of high quality, made in Germany, and hence, we can be sure of sturdiness, stability, and a quiet operation without vibration.

The German motor is specially designed for tattooists who wish to work for long hours as there is no problem with overheating.

With an International standard DC interface, the manufacturer has a lightweight tattoo machine, easy to set up, durable, and a pen-style machine.

This model’s power supply is another highlight as you are provided with rapid and easy power adjustments, which even help improve the machine’s overall performance and efficiency.

It is recommended that you keep the power supply under 12V to protect both the machine and the power supply. The machine comes with a CE certification and a one-year warranty.

If you are held up with some work and unable to switch off the machine, don’t worry about battery life, as the power supply automatically goes to sleep mode when you don’t use the machine for 5 minutes.

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How to Choose the Best Rotary Tattoo Machine?

Now that we know the advantages of a rotary tattoo machine compared to a coil machine, we must note the key features that make any rotary machine a good buy in the market.

Battery Life

Some of us love a simple rose or sun for a tattoo, but others want to design their whole body using intricate designs and complicated shadings. For this, the battery of a tattoo machine is of utmost importance.

Hence, before moving on to any other feature, look into the battery of the machine. The main features to consider here include the battery life, the battery’s ability to work continuously while doing the art, and the time to charge the machine.

Of all these, the battery’s working time holds greater importance as this helps the artist accomplish his artwork without interruptions; otherwise, the flow of artwork is ruined, which affects the end design badly.

When you are working, it is necessary to keep your eyes and ears open to any changes in your tattoo machine’s power. Such changes are solid indications that the battery needs to be recharged, and when you are at this junction, it is always recommended that you replace the old batteries with fully charged new ones.

Machine Weight

These days, a wireless tattoo machine is trendy and commonly used. It is better resilient and increases your ability to work on tattoo art without any trouble regarding bulky cords.

But, you need to add a rechargeable battery as a power source to the tattoo machine, which might increase the machine’s overall weight.

The total weight should not hinder your working ability and handling guarantee failing which the machine becomes too heavy and, therefore, challenging to work with.

It is never worth buying that piece of equipment in such cases, especially when you wish to use a lightweight tattoo machine.

One of the most important features to consider before buying any tattoo machine is the overall weight, which affects the result. So, take a look at the machine’s weight, the battery weight that’s added on, and all other add-on features that increase the machine’s overall weight.

Needle Compatibility

Images are created using needles, and these needles are available separately for purchase. Wireless tattoo machines, in general, require.