Is Tattoo Scabbing Normal on My New Tattoo?

You’ll be astonished to learn that scabbing on a tattoo is OK. Scabbing that lasts 5 to 10 days is usual. But! Even if this is natural, there is no reason to try to avoid it. Scabbing a tattoo should not remain indefinitely since it affects both the health of your skin and the look of the tattoo.

What Is Tattoo Scabbing?

The healing process results in scabbing of the tattoo. Scabbing happens when the skin around the tattoo becomes very dry. And you’re itching in that area.

Scabbing may take many forms. You may not notice it since it is extremely weak. Scabbing may also be incredibly forceful and look like thick scabs, as seen in some of the terrifying images on the Internet. Regrettably, this is also true.

When a scab loses all of its moisture, it scabs and strengthens. A lack of moisture causes severe dryness. Because of this, the skin breaks down, disintegrates, and bleeds. Scabbing tattoos show up in all of these ways.

What Causes Tattoo Scabbing?

Tattoo scabbing is not caused by inclement weather or a depressed state of mind. This is due to legitimate causes.

Thick Scabs

Do you have a tattoo with heavy scabs? It will most likely dry out, and scabs will form. During your movement, thick scabs grasp your clothes or things. These are some of the drawbacks of this in the face of minor scabs.

It would help if you were careful not to tear it off, even though you have enormous scabs.

The healing process will take a long time if the scabs are accidentally torn off. In addition, the tattoo will not be the most attractive.

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Why do thick scabs arise?

It would help if you inquired about this with the tattoo artist. Why did the tattoo artist use such harsh and abrasive techniques on your skin? There are numerous possibilities here: personal hate, jealousy, or plain incompetence on this tattoo artist.

Demoisturized Skin

Scabbing can occur when the skin in the tattooed region is not appropriately hydrated. Moisturizing isn’t only about using cream and taking care of yourself. You must eat a well-balanced diet that provides your body with all the vitamins and minerals required. It would help if you also drank enough of water daily.


Drinking water and eating broccoli should not be rushed. To begin, be certain this isn’t an illness because scabbing is frequently the outcome of an illness.

Because you did not maintain the tattoo area clean, skin diseases developed. Many microorganisms are now happily residing there.

Your skin will have a rash and ulcers if you have an infection, in addition to scabbing. A fever is a common side effect of illness.

Have you seen any of the following signs and symptoms? Make an appointment with a tattoo artist and a doctor immediately away. The earlier you start, the better.

Scab development in the absence of other symptoms does not indicate infection.

Is It Possible To Prevent Tattoo Scabbing?

Tattoo scabbing is not a death sentence, and it may be remedied.

In the early phases of skin scabbing, begin using the most effective skincare products. You’ll be able to prevent major issues and negative repercussions.

Apply a scented cream or tattoo lotion on sensitive skin 2-3 times each day. In the early stages, that will be the best you can do.

Cocoa butter and coconut oil are excellent moisturizers for dry, scabbed skin. These oils are safe to use around tattoos.

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After cleaning the tattoo with water, apply lotion. Because water dries out the skin, it needs extra hydration.

For the first few days after getting the tattoo, pay special care to wash it. The tattoo should be thoroughly cleaned. As a result, huge scabs will not emerge.

What is the definition of a thorough cleaning? For the first several days of this procedure, you clean away all the blood, ink, and plasma.

What Are You Not Required to Do?

You don’t have to put forth a lot of effort. If you apply too much lotion, the bubbles will cover the tattoo, which is the reverse of what you want.

You don’t need to apply the lotion until the tattooed skin has dried after bathing. To begin, thoroughly dry your skin before applying the lotion.

When your new tattoo is healing, use caution. In scabs, there should be no rebounds. It would help if you avoided scabs that have fallen to the ground. After a shower, be extra careful not to dry your body too quickly.

Furthermore, you should avoid scratching the tattoo and swimming with it for an extended period. Also, don’t try to get rid of the scabs. It will be a huge blunder. When washing your tattoo, don’t use a washcloth, sponge, or brush.

When putting on clothes, remember to wrap the tattoo since particles will rub against it, creating an infection.

Scabs Protect The Tattoo

To make the relevance of scabs more evident, I wanted to highlight it here.

Scabs help to keep your fresh tattoo safe. That’s why you shouldn’t try to get rid of the scabs. It will obstruct the tattoo’s healing process. You’ll also cause skin damage and a fresh wound.

Scabs are beneficial in that they protect the skin from germs. Scabs are little patches of skin that cover the region where blood cells fight microorganisms.

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Scabs will eventually fall off if you properly care for your skin. Instead of scabs, you’ll see clean, healthy skin with lovely ink.

What Happens If The Scabs Are Removed?

You squandered your money when you opted to get a tattoo if you removed the scabs. The color will be ruined if scabs are removed. In addition, the skin will not mend properly in this location.

It also has a high risk of scarring. Is this something you’re investing a lot of money in?
Activate the Alarm
Suppose the scabs do not heal within a week or two. In the shower, moisturize and massage the scabs. Repeat the process a few times. There is a possibility of damaging scabs, so proceed with caution.

Some people wipe the tattoo with a clean towel and leave it for a bit. You may pick up scabs this way.


To recap, you must take great care of your tattoo. Clean, dry, and apply lotion to your tattoo as soon as possible. Remove the cloth and let the tattoo breathe for 30 minutes.

When washing a tattoo, always use antimicrobial foam and natural soap. Nothing is more crucial than keeping a tattoo clean. It’s the only way to get better.