Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Review

We have a brand here that’s loved by tattoo artists worldwide, the Dragonhawk tattoo machine, which is popular for manufacturing good-quality tattoo tools. The tools are appreciated for their performance and sought-after for their quality.

Dragonhawk produces both rotary and coil tattoo machines with similar precision, and it is up to you to choose any tattoo machine type of your choice for use.

Before that, you must understand how both the tattoo machine types vary. Only then can you make an informed choice.

What I Like About

  • The tattoo pen is cherished for numerous benefits that come with it, and these include:
  • Noiseless and very low vibration generated even though the motor fitted is a powerful Japanese motor
  • The machine is lightweight, weighing only 120 grams, making it easy for the artist to work for long hours without pain.
  • Compatible with different-sized needles. The needle length could be customized as per our requirement, from short to long.
  • The pen has an aluminum body that assures quick cooling after use. This way, it becomes easier to clean the needle.
  • Present the mast pen to someone as you get a beautiful gift box along with the unit. During celebrations or festive times, give this tattoo pen to anyone.
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Provided with a foot pedal to measure the performance
  • An ergonomic design
  • Ability to do both lining and shading
  • Individuals generally worry about hygiene and sterilization with tattoo art, but this machine negates any such worry as it is clean and hygienic, perfectly fitting our health needs.
  • The set-up is simple, and switching on is easy—the pen starts working with the press of a button.

What I Don’t Like

  • Though there are ample benefits of using this Mast Pen, the tattoo machine has a few downsides. These include:
  • Actual control of the needle is quite difficult as the needle is long
  • The durability of the motor is a big question mark
  • Though we say that the tool is quiet and noiseless, it does generate sounds and causes some vibration
  • Some of the parts stop working in due course
  • The company offers only a 30-day return policy
  • Loosely held cartridges

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Critical Analysis of Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Tattoo art has no boundaries, and you can catapult to fame when the right tattoo machines are utilized for the art.

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The Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine is one such model that has been upgraded very nicely and now boasts of precision and classy touch that helps any tattoo artist become popular for the art form.

The pen comes with a Japanese motor that assures a powerful performance and smooth operation.

Like in the airline industry, the parts of the mast pen come with a stainless steel finish, giving us the feeling similar to a tool meant for outer space.

As we know, Dragonhawk produces rotary and coil tattoo machines, while some kits have both varieties together.

If we analyze, the Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine is popular among novice tattoo artists because the tool generated minimal sound, unlike coil tattoo machines that are well-known for their jarring sounds.

The machine is electrically operated, and the needle bar tags along the needle, using the powerful motor. Using the needle bar’s smooth movement in and out of the machine, precise and intricate tattoo art designs are possible.

You can set different voltages as per requirements. For instance, set the pen to a higher voltage for lining work as the needle rotates faster and set it to a lower voltage for shading work.

But, the key features that make the Dragonhawk Rotary Mast Pen popular among tattoo artists are not one or two but many of them.

The machine is compatible with most tattoo accessories and promises durability as it is made using the highest-quality materials.

Simple to use, beginner tattooists just love this pen as they can try versatile drawings that are practically possible. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this model is best suitable for beginner tattooists.

Some people get a tattoo done with some core reason in mind, but most individuals get it done for style and as a fashion statement. So, when a tattoo artist holds a stylish tool such as this mast pen, customers feel confident about the tattooist’s work!

The surprise element here is that, though the manufacturer has incorporated so many features in pen, it is priced affordably, which helps beginner tattooists purchase it without hesitation.

The manufacturer has provided a carry case that showcases your professionalism and elegance to add class and a business touch to the kit. Carry the pen anywhere you like for your professional use.

Don’t hesitate to choose the Dragonhawk mast pen rotary tattoo machine if your priority is high performance, a versatile tool for operation, and a machine that offers great value for money.

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If you are new to the tattoo industry and would love to learn more about the tool you use, great video tutorials show in detail about using the Dragonhawk mast pen.

Catch hold of a good video and master the tattoo art to showcase your talent and gain popularity.

Why Choose Dragonhawk Mast Pen?

For those looking for an affordable but efficient piece of tattoo machine, the Dragonhawk Mast Pen must be your go-to choice.

The pen is cost-effective and comes with a customizable stroke length between 2.8 and 3.5mm that helps achieve finesse and perfection when you do outlines and shading.

Such variations in needle adjustments make this a versatile piece of equipment that could be used for doing different drawing styles and techniques.

Compatibility is always a concern as a tattoo artist, and the Dragonhawk Mast Pen passes these criteria with flying colors, given that it goes well with different needle brands.

The kit comes with an assortment of needles, and you are also provided with a power supply system that synchronizes well with the pen gun.

Anyone outside the tattoo shop would not know about it even when doing the art, unlike a coil tattoo machine that generates loud noise, as this machine promises a quiet performance. Set the tool at any high power, but the machine doesn’t generate noise.

On a closer look, we find that the tool’s power is the only concern as the range is only between 6 and 10V. Though this is not poor, it is an average measure that could be much better.

The setup of any machine varies depending on the model. For instance, cheap tattoo guns usually need ample fine-tuning, but this model works perfectly fine and can be used as soon as you take it out.

Tattoo machines are generally used for long hours, which leads to the heating of the machine. But, it’s a rather nice fact that this pen starts to warm up only after five hours of use and never leads to overheating immediately after starting to use.

Also, using the pen for longer generally causes pain and injury in the hand and wrist, but this model is lightweight and doesn’t cause any such problems.

Don’t worry about vibrations as they are minimal and guarantee better artwork than produced by many other tools.

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Being a pen tattoo machine gives us the feel of simply holding a pen in hand, making it easier to operate and use. Above all, the Dragonhawk mast pen rotary tattoo machine comes fully loaded with features and, hence, is loved by one and all.

Specifications and Features

Let’s look at the various features available in pen and the specifications incorporated in its design:

Frame & Construction:?The frame and construction of the machine are deciding factors that affect its durability and long-lastingness.

The DragonHawk Mast Pen Rotary Machine comes with a sturdy aluminum frame. The powerful Japanese motor fitted in the tool guarantees a power-packed performance of the tool.

The tool comes with a matte coating satin finish which makes it free from stains and fingerprints. The stainless steel material used assures us of prolonged durability.

The curved tip finish makes it easier to use the machine.

In terms of weight, the machine weighs only 120g, and the length of the body is 11.7cms helping us make use of the tool for long hours continuously.

Voltage: The tool could be used at a 6-9 volts voltage, but this is quite average only. You can turn on or turn off the power supply whose mode is displayed using the indication of light. The power supply remains operational for 3-5 seconds. The running diaphragm ensures better operation of the machine.

Stroke Length: Adjust stroke length according to your needs, anywhere between 2.8 and 3.5. Make use of any needles and cartridges to come up with a superb tattoo design for the customer.

Carry Case: The kit comes with a black and silver carry case, making it easy to carry the tool while traveling to any part of the world to do tattooing.

Hygienic: Gas sterilizations assure cleanliness and hygiene while using the tool.

Good Reviews: This product comes under ‘Amazon Choice’ as we have great positive reviews, thousands of purchases, and high ratings.

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