Top 5 Best Tattoo Power Supplies for Beginners

Tattoos are a work of creativity, and getting hold of the right tool goes a long way toward fulfilling your precision requirements.

But, your job doesn’t end with selecting a good tattoo alone, as procuring the best power supply for the machine defines whether or not you are a professional or an amateur. So, getting information about the power supply device is essential to complete your toolkit.

How to Choose the Best Tattoo Power Supplies for Beginners?

Several toolkits are available in the market, but choosing the right one focusing on the key features that make any device indispensable for the toolbox is the smart way to go.

A performance-oriented machine that nicely elevates your skillsets and techniques is the go-to device for your power supply. It is always better to go for models that deliver high performance, guarantee superb accuracy, and compromise precision.

The tattoo artist must have control over the power supply device. For this, the power supply unit must be provided with a top-quality foot pedal. This helps the artist regulate power according to tattooing needs and establish supremacy and control over the tattoo art.

Top 5 Best Tattoo Power Supply for Beginners

Based on the key features that make any tattoo power supply kit a good bargain for the tattoo tool, the top 5 tattoo power supply brands that suit the needs of beginner tattooists are mentioned below.

Pirate Face Tattoo Machine Power Supply

In a market flooded with numerous brands, each boasts of their product, making the right choice could be difficult, but Pirate Face’s dual digital power supply is a good choice.

Generally, tattooists always undergo the tedious task of switching between tools to obtain proficiency for lining, shading, and color-packing jobs. So, every time this is done, the artist must disconnect the tool or tip from the power supply and then attach the next one.

But, this dual power supply device negates all such needs as the artist can keep the liner and the shader tightly fit into the power supply for doing their job. All that’s needed is to press the corresponding button to shift between lining and shading.

The Pirate Face Tattoo machine power supply is named so because of its pirate-like appearance. But who cares about the appearance of a power device until it delivers exceptional performance.

The multiple upgrades incorporated by the company, including a high-quality stainless steel foot pedal and even a clip cord (6 feet) that complements the power cord, are great provisioning that makes this device a complete unit that assures performance.

Versatility is the key feature here as the power supply is compatible with any tattoo machine. The device works well for any voltage between 110 and 250V, but you must get a power cord that suits rotary and coil tattoo machines.

Coming to the frame and construction, the power supply device is neither too big nor too small, neither too heavy nor extremely lightweight, but right. Such precision in size and weight makes it highly compatible to carry it around while traveling worldwide.

Use this power supply and enjoy the simplicity but efficiency attached to the device while doing tattoo art.

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  • Performance is automated
  • Easy and simple to handle
  • Convenient to use
  • High-quality standards followed in manufacturing the equipment
  • Superb technical and digital features
  • The 6ft clip cord and stainless steel foot pedal are great value additions


  • The foot pedal sometimes causes problems while functioning
  • Individuals staying outside the USA might face problems while trying to get the unit shipped to their country of residence

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BRONC Tattoo Machine LCD Power Supply

The world revolves around cutting-edge technology, which is seen as steep progress. Technology has invaded every field possible, and tattoo artists are no exception.

The BRONC Tattoo Machine LCD power supply makes utmost use of the technological advancements in tattoo art machinery.

You wish for something, and you have in this power supply—a great touch screen LCD, good provisioning to calibrate temperature, preset memory modes for liner and shaders, and much more that are highly useful for any artist trying to work on precise tattoo arts with utmost dedication.

So, if you have a rotary tattoo machine and wish to make proper use of it with great accuracy, don’t forget to purchase the BRONC Professional Digital Tattoo Power Supply for the machine.

Anyone can become a professional with experience and practice, but becoming a sought-after professional takes constant perseverance and a sense of keenness. Choosing the right power supply helps a tattoo artist achieve popularity in the tattoo business venture.

The BRONC power supply suits the needs of both rotary and coil tattoo machines. The device design incorporates such latest technology that it can be compared to a smartphone and operated easily.

The power supply machine weighs only 650g and has high-level automated features that make it a delight to use. Such a lightweight device can be easily carried anywhere you like.

Versatile, reliable, and multipurpose tool, this model functions smoothly in tune with the tattoo machine.

The company has designed the product with a futuristic point of view where the touch screen has a detachable screen protector that can be replaced in case of damage.


  • Preset memory modes minimize setup time
  • Built using advanced technology
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Automated functioning
  • Screen display and a replaceable screen protector


  • Absence of foot pedal, footswitch, and clip cord
  • The hi-tech technology incorporated might make the device quite difficult to operate for some.

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One Tattoo World OTW-P008 Tattoo Machine Power Supply

If you are a beginner tattoo artist looking forward to some dose of energy and confidence through your tools and devices, don’t miss out on checking the One Tattoo World power supply.

Coming with high-quality stainless steel and dual clip cords, getting hold of this device enhances your overall professional skills and boosts overall confidence.

Having dual clip cords, dual tattoo machines can be simultaneously connected to the power supply, thereby increasing the convenience of use. Keep both the liner and shader connected, and press the switch to shift between the lining and shading jobs using them as per needs.

Being creative is an advantage but having all settings and options that help improve design skills is a bigger advantage that helps showcase your skills to the maximum level possible.

The OTW-P008 power supply comes with a 120/220V conversion switch and a 13-dial potentiometer, thereby assuring you of all required settings.

The stainless steel foot pedal and the hi-tech digital display are value additions to this power supply kit that increases the device’s reliability.

A tattoo art stays permanently on the skin, and there can be no mistakes here. This power supply device supports artists to enhance their skills and tattooing techniques, thriving as a great model.

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Also, as a tattoo artist, your job profile might require extensive traveling to parties and other functions. Hence, carrying the power supply device becomes necessary. The model is lightweight and portable, meeting all our expectations.


  • Stainless steel flat foot pedal is helpful
  • A multifunctional device
  • LCD screen
  • Stable power output
  • An easily adjustable voltage that could be changed as per requirement using a rotating button
  • 2 clip cord


  • Individuals sometimes complain of problems with the foot pedal
  • Shipping the product outside the USA is quite difficult

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Dragonhawk Tattoo Power Supply

Dragonhawk is a well-established brand that assures us of high-quality products and tools. The power supply device from this brand has great reviews and feedbacks for high-performance levels.

A beginner or a professional, getting hold of this power device surely increases the results making your customers happy and leaving you satisfied with having done a good job.

The company has smartly come up with a witch-mode feature that helps any of your tattoo machines to convert the electrical energy and monitor the voltage output having a stable one throughout the tattooing session.

Don’t hesitate to purchase the Dragonhawk power supply for enhanced performance if you have a rotary tattoo machine.

The design and construction of the Airfoil tattoo power supply machine make it easy for any tattooist to operate it. Hence, it is highly suggested for use by beginner tattooists.

Make voltage adjustments using the rotating button, change the stroke frequency from 60-160/second, and perform this powerful device’s automated functions.

While performance is the key expectation, a stylish device is loved by all, and this power device doesn’t disappoint us in this aspect. The device’s trendy design, highly appealing artwork, and compact size are a treat to the eye.

Above all, the manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee that convinces us about the product’s performance and function capabilities.


  • Operation is simple and easy
  • It comes with a satisfaction guarantee
  • An optimal display screen
  • Switch-mode technology
  • It can be used with any tattoo machine


  • The device doesn’t come with a foot pedal
  • Availability of the device is an issue

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Dragonhawk P077 Dual Tattoo Machine Power Supply

If there is another name for a multipurpose function, it is none other than the Dragonhawk P077 dual tattoo machine power supply.

Feel free to work on rotary and coil tattoo machines without hesitation, as the power supply works efficiently on either.

The design is such that you can operate on both these machines without the need to change between the modes simply by pressing a switch.

Connect two tattoo machines simultaneously, a liner and a shader, working on whichever is required at any point of the tattooing process.

Using this power supply helps improve the performance of a tattoo artist multifold times. As an artist, you work for long hours together, which might leave the wrist and hands injured and aching with pain.

The anti-fatigue feature available in this device helps the artist perform proficiently, maintaining the same level of accuracy from the first minute to the last minute of operating the tattoo machine.

You would have no more questions once you realize that the tattoo power supply device comes with a satisfaction guarantee that proves the owner’s confidence in the device. Besides this, the company also offers a 1-year warranty on the product.

With the Dragonhawk dual tattoo machine power supply, the tattoo artist is guaranteed optimal precision and accuracy. The power supply has rapid functioning and is quick in responding to the tattoo artist’s needs.

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Above all, the device is rightly sized, being compact, and easy to carry anywhere.


  • Multifunctional device
  • Works well with any rotary and coil machine
  • LCD
  • It comes with an overload protection
  • Lightweight and compact making it easy to carry around
  • Provided with a voltage dial
  • The anti-fatigue feature keeps the hands and wrists safe from pain and injury.


  • Involves shipping costs and delayed shipment if you order from anywhere outside the USA

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What to Look for When Choosing a Beginner Tattoo Power Supply?

A couple of essential factors help the machine generate a smooth power supply without any fluctuations. These factors are:

  • A highly efficient foot pedal
  • The types of power supply possible
  • An LCD screen that showcases the voltage and other necessary details
  • Compatibility
  • The range of voltage options available using the power supply device
  • A versatile and precise performance
  • Minimal risk of power fluctuations
  • The operating voltage of the power supply is very important as you need optimal power to power the tattoo machine, failing which the results are not as per our requirements.
  • Several automated features make the handling process easy and simple

How to Set Up a Tattoo Power Supply?

In general, there are a variety of brands that help us with a high-quality power supply device. Still, the current situation has made it harder for everyone as manufacturing units are delivering lesser quantities due to fluctuations in the market and the customer’s needs.

Hence, it is highly probable that you might be forced to procure a device from unpopular manufacturers too. It is, therefore, helpful to understand the working of a power supply to check whether or not the device is a good choice for use.

Keenly follow the steps given here to check the device and make it good to use. First and foremost, it is extremely helpful to read through the instruction manual though it is widely accepted that the process is rigorous and boring for some.

If you find it difficult to understand the fanciful words given sometimes, searching for a video tutorial is helpful too.

Once this step is done, it is time to plug in all the necessary connections and ensure that they are intact in their respective places.

Now, you can switch on the tattoo machine and check whether or not it runs smoothly. Notice any abnormal sounds and observe closely for any changes in the device when voltage adjustments are made.

If the tattoo machine is a coil tattoo machine, try rubbing the thumb against the armature bar, which might decrease the running speed, but once you remove the thumb, the iron bounces back with the same power and force required to keep working.

It is possible for those who don’t know to try tattooing on the skins of fruits such as oranges, grapefruit, and melons.

Before you use the power supply to start working on human skin, try tattoo art on an orange peel to notice any peculiar smells, sounds, or any other problems before working on humans.