What Happened To Mr Trigz?

What Happened To Mr Trigz? A Los Angeles man has been sentenced to 16 years in state prison for the shooting death of well-known tattoo artist and body piercer Michael Christopher “Trigz” Pebley, the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office announced Tuesday.

Where Is Trigz From?

Trigz was born in Tijunga in LA. As a member of the MSK graffiti crew he rose to fame for his pieces in the 1980’s.

Who Was Triggz?

Trigz was a famed tattoo and graffiti artist, actor and model. He also became part of an exclusive worldwide group of artists called The Seventh Letter, fellow member and friend Willie T told Eyewitness News. Willie T called Trigz a “nice guy” and a father who loved his family.

How Was Trigz Killed?

Police said Michael Pebley, 40, known widely as Trigz, was shot after he was involved in a confrontation about 5:50 p.m. Thursday. Punches were thrown inside the Black Derby smoke shop on Laurel Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood, where Trigz frequently visited.

Who Shot Triggs?

Homer R. “Kingfish” Seale and John W. Copling, Jr., both 36, were arrested August 1 on the charge of murdering Triggs; they were freed on bail. They were represented by Baton Rouge attorney Osier Brown.

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