Does Sunburn Damage Old Tattoos?

Does Sunburn Damage Old Tattoos? “Sunburns and chronic UV exposure can damage the appearance of tattoos over time and lead to fading, wrinkles, and dullness/dryness.” Nussbaum also says it’s safe to put sunscreen on a healed tattoo, but fresh ink will need to heal first (instead, cover it with a bandage or loose clothing).

What Happens If You Get A Sunburn Over A Tattoo?

Sunburn on a tattoo can cause the ink to fade and become patchy in areas, meaning you’ll likely need to go back to your artist for a touch-up at some point. When sunburns heal, dead layers peel off prematurely and will take some of your precious ink with it, also.

How Do You Fix Sun Damaged Tattoos?

For a sunburned tattooHop into a cool shower or run cool water over the sunburned area to reduce pain and swelling. Moisten your sunburned skin with aloe vera or soy lotions, or apply a thin layer hydrocortisone cream if the sunburn is especially painful.Take aspirin or ibuprofen to reduce redness, swelling, and pain.

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